Nerf xeno vision with normal walls and reinforced walls, buff vision for resin walls and weeded areas and remove thin see through resin .

Xenomorphs don’t have eyes, so resin that is see through resin makes no sense. Make all resin see through for xenomorphs thermal vision and blocks vision for marines, but standard walls block vision for everyone and makes heat signatures harder to see depending on the wall density, from wooden/sand walls being the most easy to see heat through to reinforced and metal walls making the subject’s harder to see by changing the opacity or fidelity of the subject being seen.

And make everything covered by weeds visible for xenomorphs as it’s connected to the hivemind, as hives are becoming increasingly hard to navigate though a dark maze filled by 4x4 rooms.

The scout can be seen incredibly easily when being viewed against the fog of war black background when looking at them past a wall. I suggest that they can’t be seen through walls at all or xenomorphs should not see just black through walls but instead a weaker, fuzzier or less fidelity image of their surroundings as they reflect residual heat and should still be seen with xenomorphs thermal vision until their surroundings are no longer obstructed. If that’s too much of a change, then make it that standard resin provides the same unobstructed view of surroundings removing see through resin for xenomorphs as it has no functionality in the latest version of CM. And regular walls obstruct more and reinforced walls obstruct most vision making heat harder to see only giving faint outlines of the targets behind them.

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Unfortunately, everything suggested here is borderline impossible to be done while we use BYOND as an engine.

Internally, view flags are fairly simple and inflexible. A mob can see only turfs, only objects, or only mobs through walls (or a combination) but you don’t get any finer control than that.

Actually… It should be possible in theory to have an object where the ‘window’ is that is on a higher visibility layer that xenomorphs cannot see, but which becomes visible to humans and blocks visibility for them by being opaque. @Zonespace

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Lurker is already in a bad spot. You don’t need to need their vision to 0 on certain maps.

They could at least get rid of clear resin and make all resin clear for xenos.

Clear resin is used for boilers I believe.

it used to be, they can’t glob over it no more.

Objects cannot be selectively opaque.

When CM on steam then so we can change all the view flags?

Edit: remembering, wasn’t there a SS13 2? that was on steam? I don’t really see a lot of the SS13 comunity only CM

Edit 2: SS14?

In about 7 Soon™. Their pace of adding stuff has me hopeful that it’s in a state to start thinking about working in on it? But I have no idea if that’s even being thought about by any of the dev team as a goal atm. Maybe some day.

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maybe just make xeno have same vision as SG with is mount sight…?
nvg +seeing layout beyond walls is what they have…?
on top you can add to all xeno a toggle-able passive ability that can ping hostile that move out of their vision.
maybe something that highlight fresh blood to …

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SG mounted sight for weed covered tiles. I’ve seen it work for the Dead Space server.

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Damn, even if you can’t see the object it still blocks your vision… Welp.