New CIC?

In my own opinion, I think CIC should be moved to a similar environment to of the TM of ARES’s core.

To explain further, I think it should be on a different Z level, and the space that would be created in moving it into a higher space be used for brig/Confrence/Office space for SO or XO/Extra Data stuff/or more.

In this I think CIC should have a all around view of the almayer below (Nothing mechanical just add windows to the surrounding walls essentially) with a different layout and the like.

The Reason for why I suggest this, as well as my own opinion, is that the current CIC. Whilst good, could use with some change or break of ‘staleness’ that ARES’s core had. Plus its a new environment and we all like to explore new things.

So, you are basically asking to move the CIC to Z-level 3, above the other almayer decks, with windows so you can look at the almayer below? I think, that would be a very cool idea, with a nice view from CIC and whatnot, the only problem would be that in CM, there is in fact no multi-Z. It may be possible to place some plating next to the CIC windows looking more or less like the almayer, if you find some unused space on the map, but no real multi-Z looking onto the other Z-level. Posting a screenshot of the almayer map here, for illustration purposes:

The lower chunk is the lower almayer, the upper chunk the upper almayer, the block between both almayers is ARES, the stairs and ladders are hidden teleports and the red line is the thing that deletes curious players going on space exploration.

Yeah that’s what I am thinking essentially. Just have a section similar to the ARES core, except its for CIC.

The Brig should be kept on a different level to CIC, and its current position is decent enough as it’s far away from the traveled areas which is where you want the security department to be.

You would also have to consider what would take the place of CIC,conference room, SO/XO/CO’s rooms.

I like the idea - if they’re willing to make an ARES core isolated map then why not the CIC? My only beef is that no species who has performed space warfare (UA, UPP, etc.) would have windows on the CIC for obvious reasons. Cameras? Probably. Windows? Definitely not. I do like the idea of a 2nd upper floor with limited area because it gives the ship more contour - as-is the AI core is the highest point of the vessel, with the rest being maybe 30ft vertically between the two floors excluding hull depth.