New Forsaken UI and Spawning Mechanic

Instead of the usual ERT spawning mechanic, it might be less intrusive on the players to instead have a “Join-as-Forsaken” verb, utilizing the Whiskey Outpost UI for choosing caste.

This would still include the limit as to how many Marines are groundside, but also giving the player free choice as to which caste to play and continuously reminding them that the colony is completely infested and always unsafe.

If it feels like the Xenos are too relentless, have a number that recharges similar to the lesser drone spawning system.

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groundside infinite forsaken spawn are cursed enough as is imo. let those who coward-side get screwed by facehuggers to better lore tie deployments than infinitely spam xenos after a queen with her hive, the accessible population, etc, are gone. c*ders wanted to incorporate ghosts back into gameplay and most of it is bad - interested ghosts can be attentive