New Gamemode with Greenos at roundstart.

I been thinking about greenos a bit recently, about how to properly use them. Asign specific greeno types to certain jobs around the Almayer and just give them proper jobs in the USMC army. So why not make a game mode where from round start Greenos are avalibel. Being a new experimental force after the Greeno queen and some CO struck a deal. They would have proctected resavats(planets) the USMC would leave to them and even defend and the Greenos would help the USMC in military operations, medical researc and other things. How it would work Marine side is to basicly add greenos to each squad, but no queen. Or just sterilize the queen. The point being to not let them make infitin greenos from round start but a set number like marines.

(wanted to still work on this but i flunged up and accidently posted this when i tried to safe it. Please dont judge me too hard.)

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No, I think not.

I actually like this idea. I make it my mission when ever I am greeno green to enlist in the USCM. I like the idea of they are testing out the greenos as a new weapon.

I feel it would be incredibly unbalanced with starting with a totally subservient greens hive, as I’ve seen the marines being able to produce monkeys enough for a three way hive war aboard the slammer, where the last standing hive had more denies then the normal one had at its peak.

Thats why you would have to cut the greenos ability to reproduce. Making there numbers limit. My main thing is that it would be cool if greenos would see some more integration in the USMC. Like imagine runner cavelarie. There is so many things you could do wth USMC xeno roles.