New mid-round ERTs? (Like chem and black-market)

Hello! I was thinking now that we have a chem ERT and a black market ERT, maybe we can incorporate some sort of other random triggering ERTs that could spice up the shipside rounds.

Personally was thinking to have a random ERT with a TWE/UPP Rep with a bodyguard who came to visit in a diplomatic mission, depending on the map. Or just a couple of Trainees who were sent to be trained by the CL in the ways of the Corporate World. Maybe a Wey-Yu Security Detail of like 1-2 Goons, to guard the CL, aswell.

Any fun ideas? A little bit less on the nose, like CLF or something.

The media

Maybe MP cadets to get trained by the shipside MPs, or the same with command? Some sort of CLF infiltrators pretending to be survs whose objective is to gather intelligence could work as well, but they would need to spawn in at maybe 12:30 and have rules not to attack people for it to not end in “CLF spawns in and goes brrrrt on CIC, nobody notices and wonders why command isn’t answering”

A black market ert during the game for Req messing with the BM would be fun, almost like consequences for the Req staff doing illegal activities. The Cargo Mafia even.

Its worth mentioning that the Almayer is located in a very distant sector of human civilization, ERTs generally should be thematically set to make logical sense as to why they are able to approach the Almayer in a quick timeframe. The WY Goons make sense since they are operating from a WY Warship which is not that far away from the Almayer.

The only ERTs that feel egregious are usually Provost, since it makes little sense as to how a high or even middle ranking member of the Provost is on call so far out, but this is usually due to admin requirements due to MP rule breaks.


Sadly we just don’t see the black market that often after someone changed how to access it. I’d like that reverted.

Problem beforehand was we were having the CMB ERT show up literally every round due to Req pushing a bit too hard in buying black market gear, and since the CMB exist in a very odd place in the hierarchy of law enforcement it resulted in a lot of drama depending on how everyone acted.

Also, I think the black-market budget operates differently so it’s possible to abuse it, I believe a CL could fund a massive amount of money to the BM if they wanted. Also, some of the guns you get from the BM are quite powerful.

The drama wasn’t bad, but the fact you’d be having Req being raided every round was excessive.