New Research chem property

We got bonemending, why not veinsmending?

Fixes Internal Bleeding in the same speeds that Bonemending does. Chest and groin taking the longest like bonemending. Etc, etc.

Using the structure in the wiki would be like this.
VEM | Veinmending | UNCOMMON |

  • Mends internal bleeding one by one.
  • The chest and groin take the longest, then head, then arms and legs are the fastest.
  • OD Deals 2* toxin damage.
  • Crit OD
    20 * POTENCY% chance:
    Causes bleeding in a random limb.
    Causes internal bleeding in a random limb.
  • Touch: |N/A|

I have recently learned that cryoxadone in a cryo pod will heal internal bleeding. Doesn’t help to much on the ground but yeah.

That is a solid idea.

Vouching for this, even if just because I loathe the IB/Bica OD alterations. More IB I’d be chill with if Bica ODs (which consume on-hand resources) still could solve it or trigger an old QC timer.

Hemostatic (HSC) already pauses IB, maybe it can heal IB if potency is above 1?

This would be a great chemical to have in the field. It is annoying that we can fix just about everything with custom drugs except IB.

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