New Tool/Explosive -- Satchel Charge --

Satchel Charges


Smiley says, “Great Idea!!! I APPROVE!!!111!!!1!!!1!!!q”

Why the Satchel Charge Would Be Pretty Neat:

        I believe this would really help because there are so many AIDS close ranged tight hallways *cough* *cough* dorms *cough* that are either 2 or 3 tiles wide and super long with little hidey holes or doors on each side and since its only really two tiles wide its just the same 2-4 xenos popping in and out of those little side doors cause its easy for them cause of their little monkey brains cant actually interface with objects other than a computer and then again they cant even interface with objects on that computer, all they know is fruit resin, protect they hive, pounce, be LRP, devour marines and lie.
        I believe something of a higher yield explosive then just a C4 would be incredibly important to clear out rooms/whole structures considering c4s are just breaching charges but shittier functionally.

How It Could Fit Into Balance and Metas and Shit:

        I think It'd be cool cause it could be a non-storage non-cosmetic clothing item so it could fill up a belt slot, armor slot, or back slot, which we all know is valuable as hell (especially if you have no hands to carry bags), thus making it a one time thing. the explosion could be about the size of a mortar explosion, but idk if it should be any bigger

How Its Implemented In Other Games

A good place to look for inspiration on how to balance it and how it should work could be in other games:

- Rust

        For example in Rust (yeah I know you were waiting for that weren't you) the satchel charge is an upgrade from a standard makeshift grenade, called the beancan grenade, used for combat but also commonly for breaking doors by planting it to them, the satchel charge is an upgrade of that as its crafted from 3 of those beancans. This makes it much more useful as its able to break into much stronger walls and doors, being used commonly for raiding bases.
        If you forgot (cause the devs sure did) CM actually has a person who crafts explosive stuff, the OT, so why not make it so that the OT can finally be hounded by another group of people, this time begging for satchel charges, possibly making them a craft out of 3 chem filled C4s.

- Half Life

        (Yeaaah i bet you werent expecting that shit bitches) In Half life there is a remote detonated satchel charge among other weaponry at your disposal, this weapon is exceedingly rare but is very useful with large crowd control and against heavy vehicles.
        I'm starting to get tired cause ive been writing so much for no goddamn reason but basically heres the picture: remote detonated? maybe? and yeah make the thing useful for killing weak xenos and wiping out heavy xenos idk i might edit this again later but yeah.


yeah so basically thats it, add it if you're cool.
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Check the C4 section. OTs can make custom load C4s you can tie to a signaler ignition or timed fuse.

yeah but they dont work

What do you mean they don’t work? In case you can’t set a timer, the OT probaly attached a signaller or motion detector

The signaller on the c4 doesnt work, or at least when not attatched to a wall, when attatched to a wall it does much less damage.

C4 only blows up when attached to something, and I doubt it does less damage when being attached (much less than what, you cannot blow it up without attaching it?)

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Signaller works albeit it only sparks when not attached, however it does do much less damage- it does most of its damage to the wall it’s attached to

why does it have to blow up when attached to something? What I’m trying to propose is an alternative to having to attach it.