New uniforms for Military Police

I think redesigning the Military Police uniforms would be good for two reasons. The military police look completely out of place in terms of theme, the current uniforms look more life castle Wolfenstein rejects and secondly it would help differentiate them from the provosts.

I think a uniform similar to this would be great because it is closer to standard marine uniforms and help the MPs look like they are a part of the army.

MP got a uniform rework a couple months ago so even if people agreed, I dunno if it will go through.

Also, I do not see any type of body armor on this MP, excluding the helmet. This is fine in the real world where people’s actions have real consequences, not silly ten minute brig time; however, in CM where marines are looking for any excuse to maul MP, I feel that this uniform is too little.

Also, we are the colonial MARINES, not army

There was a whole rework planned a while ago and a ton of sprites had already been redone.

I dont recall who spearheaded it but it died. Should be able to find it on the discord.

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Eh, I always thought MPs are castle wolfenstein monster rejects, why make them look like they are not?

MPs still occupy ahelps #1, so OOC protection still exists. why need armor ever with their gear? if MPs are COLONIAL MARINES they should be the hardest drinking, most foul-mouthed sons of bitches even known this side of the Rim colonies instead of ahelping, getting mugged in the brig yard muppets they usually are.

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Dunno, the black uniform & sunglasses combo is sharp as hell

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