New User of the Month Awards for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence

Hello I’m Troy McClure Herr. You may remember me from such threads as, ‘Xeno Meat: Delicious but Deadly’, and ‘The Captains Neck is Missing’.

It’s that time of the month again where ARES gives out the special badge to two special users. As you may well know, there’s no secret club room. Nor a prize ham and a plaque on a wall somewhere. But what we can do is make something more of it than what is ultimately silence.

So here’s their names on a wall. If any of them show up to post their acceptance speech, I encourage you all to give them a like as a form of applause and ego rubbing recognition.

A warm thanks to the many members of the CM community, generously liking posts, you’re all truly wonderful people.



Congratulations. Please come and collect your likes.


I would like to thank @DukeofCagliostro for generously bankrolling my posts, very cool gamer!


Game respects game. Congratulations man.



ARES has spoken. Congratulations to the winners of June’s New User of the Month Awards.

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i just gotta say

shut up bitch :100: :100: :100:

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