New way to heal bleeding wounds? (from slashes and the like, not IB)

I recently recalled a movie where they used a knife to heat up the blade and cauterize the wound with it.

And following that concept I came up with this idea:

If you have a bleeding cut/wound from a ravager/bullet/etc you could grab your boot knife click on a tile which has an open flame (Such as flame from a flamethrower from a marine or pyro specialist) to heat the blade up and then cauterize the wound when you select the correct body part.
This would keep the wound from bleeding but trade part of the brute damage ( A fair amount for sealing the wound) into burn damage.

On top of this idea, the concept of heating a blade up could also make it do more damage, in terms of trading potential bleed damage into burn damage, but the total damage done would have been the same just without burn damage applied. and Super heating the blade will multiply the total damage by a multiple of 1.5 to 2 depending on the flames that were on the tile at that time. Heres a list of what the multiplications would be dependent on the flames present on the time (only accounting for NON OT Flames, as every chemical that produces a flame from an OT workshop will be considered as a regular flame and thus the regular ratio of damage applied) :

Regular flamer fuel: 1.5 damage multiplier (May be reduced to 1.25 and will also not set the target on fire)

Green flamer fuel: .5 damage multiplier but will set the target alight with green flames.

Blue flamer fuel: 2.0 damage multiplier but will NOT set the target alight with blue flames.

OT workshop flames (all the potential flame types OTs can make) 1.5 damage multiplier (will NOT set the target alight)

Machetes would be able to do the same but for a larger trade of brute to burn damage. Say like 20% instead of the 10% that a regular boot or throwing knife would do.

This is a WIP idea and would love feed back. Is my multipliers too high? Are they too low? Am I potentally stupid for considering this idea as good? Suggest what you would do or state your opinion on this below.


I like this idea. Might be a bit hard to implement, but I like it.
I’d say you should be able to heat a blade with a lighter or any heat source as well. Though that wouldn’t do any damage to xenos, only heating it up with an open flame should probably do that for balance and whatnot.

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The various levels of damage based on fire source sound like what you add after we see how the base concept goes.

I’d say that

  • You heat a knife/machete (Welder, flamer, campfire).
  • It is now a Heated knife/machete.
  • It deals burn damage instead of brute as it lasts, help-intent clicking a limb will cauterize it while adding some burn damage.

Agreed, but the idea is to make melee combat a bit more deep and add that level of ingenuity to melee weapons. As currently there is no fancy kit for melee weapons>

But yes I think we should test this base concept first before adding the Super heated state to the knifes.

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I agree with this idea I quite like it because you are basically turning your knife in to a the medical tool. As a doc you have a tool that basically burns the skin back together essentially that is what you are doing it with your knife just not as a professional.

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Not to mention it’s been done before in media and (assuming) in real life. It seems to be a thing that would be relatively simple to add too.

Only difficult part would be the super heating aspect of my idea

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You have to remember that this is basically burning or even melting the skin, and anything that’s going to be bleeding essentially, together, to restrict bloodflow. It’s extremely painful.

You should/probably would never be cauterizing yourself. This is something someone else should do for you. And even then, not sure why you wouldn’t just use gauze with how bleeding currently works.

I would think tram would be barely able to work with cauterizing it. It will be used as a last resort as it would deal more damage, where gauze doesn’t deal any damage when using it. Tis a trade off for not bleeding to death.

to be far let’s talk about this more if they made it so you could use your knife, I would make it so if you put a gauze on the would it slows the bleeding down or make it, so it takes 5 to 10 minutes to stop bleeding. We have to remember that IRL Bleeding stops over time not instantly as you put gauzes on it

Different amount of damage will require suturing from medics, like the mangled + Bleeding.
Or grafting from the healing with the knife your talking about.

(already thinking of the guys who run knife kits knife webbing knife vest)

Gonna add to this, the more you heat your weapon the less damaging it becomes due to it being melted.

You could make it that if someone grabs a limb with a bleeding injury (which would mean letting people grab themselves) then that will stop light bleeding.

So if bleeding was made a state wherein the bleed injury could get worse based on the amount of damage, you can make it a light bleed can be stopped if you grab the wound site.

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