Newyearnewme - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Segrain

Newyearnewme - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Segrain

What’s your BYOND key:


Round ID:


Your character name:

Agatha A.W. Knebelspiess

Their BYOND key:


What are you reporting?:

Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:

For context, we were at briefing. It was a hangar brief so it was naturally less disciplined (if that can be said at all) than a normal brief.

Bob Vancleave asked me to show my war face so I stared at him at least 19 times, spread out over a period of time to where I thought I was safe from spam rules in the moment. I was then bwoinked to stop spamming by Segrain, which was absolutely not my intention. I said ‘okay’, because I just thought it’d be funny to stare blankly at Bob for extended periods of time in response for him asking me to show him my warface. I was then noted for flooding briefing using emotes, which was, again, not my intention.

Practically just after I was noted, Bob Vancleave, Jutt ‘MassCas’ Shank, Jordan ‘Rock’ Ironside, and Morgan A.W. Horrigan all repeatedly beat against the hangar cargo container and were seemingly (at least, to my knowledge) not punished unlike I was, despite objectively creating a far, far larger amount of spam.

I was, at the most basic level, trying to create a humorous moment and I got noted by Segrain with seemingly no afterthought. Other people objectively created a worse disruption, visually and audibly. My “flooding of briefing” created, at most, 3-4 lines of text thanks to the fact that it doesn’t repeat the same line of text over and over but instead adds another to the counter besides it.

I have nothing against Segrain, I do not believe he was acting in bad faith, I believe he simply overreacted without seeking any context before bwoinking and noting me. I just want this note off my record. I’ve stared repeatedly at things before and never gotten noted for it, not even warned, and I’m worried that if I utilize emotes to create further moments of humor, I will be banned thanks to this note’s presence on my track record.


The note:

What I actually did:

The container banging, for comparison:

I also included the exact round ID, and I can provide video evidence, which I’ve pulled these screencaps from, for this whole encounter to prove that I’m telling the truth, which hopefully won’t be neccesary.

It so happened that from where I was at that moment, you and your stares were within my screen, while any containers and bangings were not. I acted on what I could see.
Your screenshot alone shows sixteen lines of staring, being spammed almost every second. That is extremely excessive. If you want to stare at somebody for extended period of time, there is nothing wrong with pressing Me and actually writing “stares at X for extended period of time”.

My “flooding of briefing” created, at most, 3-4 lines of text thanks to the fact that it doesn’t repeat the same line of text over and over but instead adds another to the counter besides it.

Please bear in mind that other players are under no obligation to be using the new chat system that does so. To somebody using old chat, that is flooding the entire screen.

This doesn’t seem relevant. Nobody was complaining about me staring, since you seemed to have acted proactively, and it’s not my fault if someone - including you- doesn’t use the new chat system, which specifically deals with this stuff.

You couldn’t see the containers being banged on? Literally 3 tiles to my SW? Surely you could’ve heard it due to sound propagation.

Oldchat is by no means the primary way you are meant to play CM, regardless, as there’s literally an automatic ‘fix your chat’ popup that loads whenever oldchat is used instead of newchat upon game startup.

You spammed if it was your intent or not and he took appropriate action. We do not accept “well others were doing it as well and didn’t get punished” as a justification to remove notes.

If you see people breaking you rules you ahelp it.