Nightmare survivor spawn rework

Currently, we have 2 survivors nightmare spawns - PMC squad on Solaris Ridge and crashed CLF ship on LV.

Solaris Ridge
PMCs spawn with a synthetic at least(not sure if always), but the rest of them are 1 WY Supervisor with only leader skills and like 4~ grunts(default survivors’ skills, can’t build cades-doors). So the only person that can heal others and build cades(and repair them as well) is only a synth. You can say that their armour and guns compensate for their lack of skills, but they don’t. In surviving armor is pretty much useless, it just makes you easier to capture, and you will be slow as hell(while in surviving every single second matters). Guns are just regular mercenaries’ guns like MAR or shotguns(and mod88s on belts that’s cool, but with 2 extra mags only). But that’s pretty ok compared to the CLF nightmare spawn.

CLFs spawn in caves. Not in the colony, caves. Right next to the hive. The minimal amount of CLF members is 3. And they have NO SKILLS AT ALL. LITERALLY NO USEFUL SKILLS! They can’t build cade doors, they can’t revive each other, and they have shit guns. The only thing that keeps them alive for at least 3 minutes are turrets(which eventually get destroyed by fortified defenders, spitters, actually anything). This spawn is just hell with no chances. 3-5 CLF guerillas with barely any guns spawn here just to 100% be captured or dead. And they can’t escape the hell. Even tho they have van it depends will there be a gap in the fog or not. But the gap is not the only problem. The moment all CLFs board the van they will find out that the exit from the south of their crashed ship is walled by drones that already probably breaching the north turrets and getting inside. There are no places to hide in caves, even the sandtemple, but even if you manage to hide you will get metahunted by ghosts. I haven’t seen anyone to survive this spawn, played and observed this specific nightmare spawn pretty often.

So what I suggest is to add more roles to the nightmare survivors. Add a medic, engineer, and squad leader. That’s all. Because regular grunts struggle too much with their only firearms 2(or 1) skills. At least for CLFs!!! For real, crashed ship is 100% suicide spawn, make it at least survivable somehow. Engineer could try walling some sides of the caves to halt the advancement of bugs and medic could properly heal the others while the rest 2-3 grunts shoot back(that amount is enough to hold barricades) And SL just gonna buff the skills(btw PMCs have a SL in role of WY supervisor, but in my opinion, it’s not enough)

Or at least move the crashed ship from caves to colony.

P.S. Rename regular hostile survivors to CLF guerilla or sort of it because the “Survivor” ID badge is meh.


Very interesting idea. I would like to see where this goes.

jaw drops


Make survivor great again


we’re going to remove all the noobs from survivor… we’re going to re-add the salesman and the backstories… we’re going to make survivor fully randomized again… we will MAKE. SURVIVOR. GREAT. AGAIN.


Yes, we need engineer so the truck doesnt get stuck again in roboti-

But yes, definitely the usage of a CLF engineer or a medic would be a very welcome addition to the nightmare spawn of CLF ship so there is more ability for gameplay rather than just hide behind some limpsacks of sandbags with a shotgun loaded with 5 incendiary shells while coked up on drugs.