NiktWazny - Yautja Application

Yautja Application - NiktWazny

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Grzegorz Braum

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Yautja Character Story:
As you venture deeper into the forest, the hostility increases. Trees grow thicker and form a tangled maze that seems to stretch on forever. The silence of the forest is eerie and unsettling, with every snap of a twig making you jump. The only sounds you can hear are your breathing and the rustling of leaves as you make your way through this treacherous terrain.

Such was a clan Teer’s exclusive hunting ground, where skill and perseverance mattered. Amidst it, all was Cauh’ka, who took it upon himself to preserve these hunting grounds for future kin to train and hunt in, since it was a place where his blooding happened after all. He was of the mind that it’s a hunter’s duty to preserve and protect such environments. To hunt down weak ones to maintain the purity of the many species present in this zone. Natural balance must be kept, weak ones will be preyed upon by the stronger ones, such is the natural cycle, but sometimes some action must be taken…


Braum is a solid dude and a long standing member of our community. I have seen no problem with his ability to RP. I can +1 this.

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+1 Personally watched this man put his life on the line to save wounded civilians in Fallujah in 2019 … I would take a bullet for this man … I aspire to be like this man … If this man doesnt get the pred whitelist after all he has done for his country and fellow man what kind of community could this be? One of pure malice and hate???


For anyone with reading issues I made an audiobook version of the story. I hope this helps.


So far so good, no problems with this individual and i’ve seen them be on a good behaviour along with being helpful to the community, i don’t see them having any issues with the pred whitelist, so why not. +1


I like this take on a hunter but I’m interested to see how you are going to make this play out in interactions with other hunters [in-game].

Here’s a question for you.

You have taken a thrall, they are quite strong and have killed the opponents you have pitted them against. However they seem to be getting disrespectful and even challenges you

What would you do?


A proudly hunter won’t be able to hunt for long, should they prove themselves in combat I would give in, and take the duel offer, while they behaviour may be considered unruly, I think it would be best course of action, show them that they are in fact inferior and slay them in the duel. Should I perish, oh well, deal with the thrall accordingly.


+1, Braum is holding my family hostage in an undisclosed location with a gun pointed to their heads.

Jokes aside, braum is competent in RP and would handle the whitelist well.


The Council voted, and your application is accepted. Expect permissions to be given soon, and welcome to the whitelist!