Nivrak - Staff Report: Behavior involving Misconduct - MorrowWolf

Nivrak - Staff Report: Behavior involving Misconduct - MorrowWolf

What’s your BYOND key:


Round ID:


Your character name:

Warrior Y

Their BYOND key:


What are you reporting?:

Behavior involving Misconduct

Description of the incident:

The round was in LV-624, While the fog was still up I was using a macro (byond one) to pull and stop pulling another warrior which results in them being able to go over the movement delay.

MorrowWolf proceeded to PM me saying “how many times” then noting me without further explanation with “Warning - Player warned for bypassing movement delay by spamming grabs on another xeno”
I then asked which rule did I break, to which he responded in a toxic manner with to a legit question “You know, I was gonna leave it at that but you need some time to re-read the rules. I’d suggest starting wtih number 5.” and a 1 day ban.

Now to the actual report, for one I think this warn and ban were made in bad-faith as no one ahelped about it (or maybe they did, correct me if I am wrong) and this was never an issue for anyone, not mods, not admins - so I don’t know what the maintainer manager should have to do with it except maybe personal grudge.

Additionally… Talking about reading the rules Rule 5 states “Do not abuse bugs or unintended features to gain an unfair advantage for yourself or your team.” now I do not intend to be a lawyer but running around for fun before the fog is even down does not pose any advantage and I would never use or have used it in combat.
If this same logic was to be applied to other things you would ban people or warn people for the queen pushing bug for example (moves the Queen by dashing into a wall) which yea, is an unintended feature / bug but doesn’t harm anyone or give any advantage.

All in all I just logged in to CM, Dragged another warrior for fun, Got noted, Asked what I did then got instantly banned for asking without playing the round.
If these is what you call good moderating then I don’t know what to tell you… It’s just sad.


I assume logs will be pulled but I will put the screenshots here anyway.

It is the domain of the Maintainer Team to determine what is and isn’t a bug. That is why you were approached by a Maintainer Manager.
Further, you know outright what you did was a bug because you said as much

which results in them being able to go over the movement delay.

Freely admitting to knowingly exploiting a bug, regardless of using it “for fun” before full-on round start, is still exploiting.

Ban will stay as is.

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Added report:denied and removed report:pendinglogs