NodNodNod - Player Report: Bancrose, Predator Honor Code

NodNodNod - Player Report: Unknown, Predator Honor Code

What’s your BYOND key?

Time of incident:

Your character name:
Spitter NOD-511

Accused BYOND key:

Accused character name:
Unknown (elder predator, I believe)

What rule(s) were broken?:
Predator Honor Code

Description of the incident:
Predator got his shit slapped, activated self-destruct, and chased down several xenos while SDing, gibbing at least 5 or 6 (maybe more?) with the big SD while actively attacking and using weapons as well.


Apologies, it’s a download link. Can be posted in Discord to view it if you’re afraid of it.

The HC on SDing:

For one’s body to be killed in combat is dishonorable, though to die by a bracer’s self-destruct is an honorable death. If a Yautja is about to die, they must try to self destruct. Once you have committed to self-destructing, you must go through with the process unless you have a very valid reason to cancel it. Self-destructing and then canceling to scare away enemies is considered extremely dishonorable. During the self-destruct process Yautja are unable to use any weaponry or attempt to keep Xenos or Humans within the self-destruct radius. You’ll never be disciplined for not self destructing however, you should try and make every attempt to do so within the bounds of the honor code.

You are allowed to Self destruct fallen Yautja as you see fit provided they are not in the FoB or Hive. That being said, do not throw the body as a weapon after you trigger the self-destruction sequence. The same rules apply with attempting to keep Humans or Xenos within the blast radius.

Yautja should make every effort to avoid SD’ing in the FOB or in the hive, unless it is completely unavoidable then you may do so however, you may be reported and should be prepared to defend your actions.



Combination of Lag, Input lag, and Sticky Keys.
PowerPoint Slideshow gameplay as I’m literally watching half the hive teleport within the lodge.

Its been an issue that I’m trying to find a fix for but sticky keys has been problematic for me as of the last month+ I’ve been back.

Idk what has prompted the cause of sticky keying seeing as its turned off on my computer but its caused me to die as Pred/Synth/Marine/Xeno frequently.

My apologies about it as I’m aware spam clicking and rolling across my keyboard to force it to stop moving has caused a crusher to get hit and just the most retarded looking video to ever come up. I informed the Councillors after the round has ended and fortelian as to be transparent.

I mean, even if that’s the case, you hit your weapon pickup macro and were still hitting xenomorphs with your weapon, so I’m not sure how sticky keys and lag cause you to continue hitting whatever you are, apparently, accidentally chasing due to sticky keys and lag…

But, I have no other input regarding the situation. Kudos for self-reporting, I suppose.

Report closed. Council determined that the actions were accidental, and player was reminded that it’s best to just remain still while initiating SD.

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