normal carrier should have egg plasma

a normal carrier should have egg plasma cuz how hes able to carry huggers without egg plasma cuz eggs have egg plasma and huggers are in them and carrier have no egg plasma and huggers can be on him so tell me hows that posible that carrier is able to carry huggers on him without egg plasma in him


A majority of Carrier kills typically involves them having a clutch of eggs (especially when inexperienced players use them). The body of the carrier itself really shouldn’t have egg plasma, as the Carrier caste is simply a physical carrier of eggs not a producer of eggs unless a specific strain is chosen.

Now, the strain (egg producer) should hold egg plasma or at the minimum be a source we can derive/create an egg plasma substitute from. Just to open up the opportunities and give a bit of leeway on an otherwise rare chemical in research.

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I’d argue it’d be good if there was a tradeoff. I’ve argued for adding Drone - Gardener strain - powers to build synergy and usefulness, but haven’t seen any coders comment on the idea. This would definitely help balance both sides of the idea.