Not every xeno should be able to disarm spam

I feel like making it so that every caste can just perma-stun people is a bit of an odd choice. I feel like only castes that are related to capping should be able to disarm perma-stun people, like the hivelord, drone, woyers, defendoors, queens, and a few others which I’m forgetting. It doesn’t make much sense, it isn’t lore accurate, and most importantly it’s not that fun when one runner can just disarm spam you and then you’re gone for the round. Castes like the runner, ravager, and a handful of others whos things are “high damage!” or “high speed!”, stuff like that, really shouldn’t be able to cap as proficiently as a drone. Especially when getting capped by a runner is infinitely harder to counter then getting capped by a drone.

stuff like that, really shouldn’t be able to cap as proficiently as a drone.

They don’t. Xeno’s have a range of attempted tackles it takes to stun you, with different castes having a different range. For example, Drone attempt range is 2 - 4, while a Runner’s is 4 - 5, before the effects of frenzy pheromones.

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Every caste should be able to cap you besides rav (fucking SCYTHE HANDS), who should NOT be allowed to tackle. The MO of the xenos is to capture hosts, murdering you comes second. If you’re capped by a solo runner you’re alone and got outplayed. Lurkers being able to solo cap is pretty cringey but y you alone??? i guess.


Frenzy does not affect tackles in any way as far as I’m aware.

Beagle wake up, you’re dreaming, frenzy hasn’t affected tackles for 8 years now

You seemingly forgot the fact that we’re talking about a runner. They can pounce on you and stun you for long enough to get in 3 disarms, then by the time you’re up, it’s 1 or 2 disarms until you’re perma stunned. In this time, you can get out your gun, and that’s about it.

Any xeno should be able to 1v1 a marine, thats how the numbers are balanced

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Every alien smart enough to wait in the vents should be able to do this

Xenomorph nabs rookie from a floor vent

But every marine in turn that isn’t in crit/disarmed should be able to do this in return

Rookie blasts the capturing xenomorph with his handgun

The only castes that can permastun tackle you, is drone, runner, sentinel, hive lord and carrier. The rest of the castes rely on luck to get you down. But these castes being able to permatackle you doesn’t seem like a problem to me, as they are all in armoires and relatively squishy.

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I do know your pain, i really do. But we both know it is fair. Because the truth is most caps happen from marines pretending to be rambo. Running around alone, ignoring squad orders and doing there own thing they KNOW is better, or justoverextending. Yes caps happen as well when the marine was a good private, but usally they dont. We all dont want to admit this, but trust me. Play enough command roles, and you will learn how much “unballanced problems” come from people doing a rambo.

Also side note, the “lore” reasoning is a thin line to use. Because in lore diffrent xeno typs come frm diffrent host not all from humans. Like runners come from canine. I honestly just wanted to drop that info that runney is just the result of a dead mister wiggels.

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Almost every time I’ve been capped it’s because I ran in like a moron, which is kind of my whole battle plan, and got dragged to brazil for it, or the classic “y u lone”

That or warriors, and even then that’s moreso a lack of good teammates nearby to save me