Nuclear Authentication Disk

So, today I got the Nuclear disk on Solaris, and despite faxing HC, nothing happened! (What a surprise)

But it got me thinking. what if there was actually a use for it other than a gamble if admins will give you a nuke?

My idea is that if it is found, it can be decrypted (No, I am not entirely sure how) and could be used to either gain a large amount of Intel points, Req budget, ETC.

This would make it actually have a use, and not just be a little admin gimmick. It would also be especially helpful for lowpop rounds, to give the marines a bit of a boost!

Good idea. Should be a large intel boost.

maybe it could be a gimmick choice, where it either:

  • gives you X amount of points (simple)

  • allows you to trade it in along with X amount of points to bring a nuke up the ASRS, basically kicking in a round-end event (gimmick RP event shit)

the second option has to be approved unanimously by all officers (they need to make sure they aren’t winning already, and surv officers count), alerts the xenos as soon as the nuke comes planetside, and works as an event the admins dont have to manually run

the point of it isn’t that it becomes practical to use every op (objectively it should be worse than just getting points), it’s more so an opportunity to spice up a round once in a while, making it more chaotic and RP focused instead of unga forever

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