NVGs colour

With the NVGs PR hopefully coming back Brings back NVG by ihatethisengine · Pull Request #4807 · cmss13-devs/cmss13 · GitHub

I was thinking, why can’t we have a white image rather than a green one that’s like an eyesore.

I don’t think it hinders the gameplay except maybe making it easier to see.

So why not add white phosphorus with the help of researchers to make NVGs image look white rather than green, or add the chemicals to req or the marine vendors. I mean the year is 2182 so it fits with the lore, cause why wouldn’t we have different coloured NVGs

The reason is the same reason why they use CRT monitors and have static while watching the marines in Aliens? Ever played AVP2? In that game, which is in 2231, they still use standard green NVGs. The reason for this being because AVP2 was made before white NVGs were popular. It’s entirely plausible that in the aliens universe White NVGs were never made. Plus it also allows marines to see colours better which could be used to spot traps better. And finally white NVGs are more expensive then green and we’re supposed to be backwater marines with shit gear. Maybe they should only be found on Chances Claim with FORECON or MARSOC ERTs as those are Spec Ops who will obviously get the good gear

Honestly let’s just remove lighting

Like obviously lighting is an excuse to nerf marines

Stay woke, this whole vision shit or game “feeling” or “tension” is a lie by devs to keep the man down

Jobs like Scout & SG already have NVGs that don’t add a colour tint to the screen, I don’t see why the regular NVGs have to have that eyesore colour. QoL for my retinas, please.

I don’t think colour vision is that big a buff, besides reducing the rate of cataracts amongst the CM playerbase. Seeing traps? Imagine not right clicking or shooting every suspicious tile on sight.


Good point, somebody go add the GREEN to scout and SG NVGs.

Specs and SGs are intentionally powercreeped roles that have uncolored NVGs for this reason. I do agree though they probably should either lose NVG or get it nerfed, they don’t (except scout) really need it.

You psychopath :sob:

Spec’s and SGs are the types of marines that HC would be willing to spend more money on to give better NVGs. So it makes sense they’d have NVGs that aren’t in green. Compare this to rest of the marines who can be replaced more easily so HC can just give them Classic NVGs.

Specs and SGs were grandfathered in, in terms of their NVG.

You could likely get away with removing Smartgunners NVG as it would help encourage them to remain behind the frontline instead of point-manning.

Scout and Sniper do need their night vision. But they should require a green tint.

I’d guaranteed Specialists would never be accepted for the game if they were proposed today due to the nature of them being given powerful gear and being a case of ‘the protagonist’.

do NVG for SG consume power in is pack?
that could be a first nerf for it without going crazy…

Why are you guys talking about needing to change specs and SGs my point is completely different and that is the NVGs for marines, you can already see in the dark with them all I said is being able to change the tint you see to purple white or yellow not just the boring green.

How about we add a green tint to xenos? There should be no harm right? A good ol nerf!! ( sarcastic comment )

No their nightvision should be that Negative vision from AVP

Whatever happened to marsoc NVGs having a red colour?

They started seeing demons in the sky and most of them got put in a mental institution.

While I understand the goal and the intention for it to be soulful and worldbuilding by the way an item is presented, I do genuinely believe this would be bad especially for specialist roles and have contemplated making it a setting to have the ‘soulful’ green tint for NVGs and just normal low-light vision. People with eye conditions are going to struggle heavily (and they already do with standard NVGs) and with other roles it’s optional, for those specialist roles it is practically a required part of their kit for them to perform adequately. For smartgunner it is also what makes the role, in my opinion, strong.

One thing I have seen done on other servers is the ability to right-click say meson scanners and toggle the colour overlay for instance but I wouldn’t push for that.

You can say “oh but this other guy with X disability can’t do Y so we should change it for that” but eye conditions are very, very common and in this instance it barely impacts balance.

Also if it had the green overlay it can also cause headaches and shit which isn’t good. It’s kind of like saying we shouldn’t add full auto because hurting yourself to burst fire the SG at max RPM is soulful or adds to the difficulty of the class, which some people did legitimately argue for.

I agree specs should have colorless NVG, it’s a crucial part of their gameplay. SGs should just lose NVG whatsoever eventually.

Okay, but what about CO? Playing CO is literally protag role with funny gun that kills everything instantly.