OB shell change.

divide OB shell into three component:
first would be the base where the two other component are put on.
second would be the front this part would decide if this shell can pierce (non cas area)
third component would be the load (just what we have right now incendiary, cluster HE)
what do you think?
idea would be to have the ability to assemble the shell as the situation require
making head that can pierce cost more of course.

Overcomplication for no reason, keep it simple.

I’d just get rid of OT explosives, they are supremely overpowered

i guess to make it more simple i would just change it to just adding a new type of OB that’s cheaper but can’t pierce mountain…

I think the fact that marines FF themself with OT explosives 50% of the time balances that kinda out.

But OB is pretty much fine as is. Problem is OB can change the tide of battel so much you have to be very carefull when changing it.
Like the idea is nice, but this would allow command to spend points on meta parts to creat always the same 1-2 OBs that can do everything perfectly. Dont underestimate how people min max the fun out of things.

The issue with OT explosives I see is how oppressively powerful you can craft them to be. The only thing holding this back is the proficiency of the OT, but there are literal forum guides on how to make a full set of maxcap OT explosives before first drop, so this is a moot point.

The fact Marines are terrible at throwing grenades is incidental, and the fact an OT nade is a giant mystery ball that a Xeno will not know what it does till it explodes does not help.

Removing OT is a terrible idea.