Odinschoosen - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - steelpoint

Odinschoosen - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - steelpoint

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Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:

Was holding a choke near hydro shutters when a marine went down in a corner - I proceeded to build typical xeno defensives when in a natural formation such as this (an area hemmed in by impassable terrain forming a natural choke to try and hold) - consisting of the usual quick wall door door wall - apparently the placement location of my intial wall blocked said marines corpse into a corner against the wall and shutters.

Ensuing events resulted in two separate admins contacting me initially and deleting my quick defenses - I was then noted for meta gaming as “blocking in the body to prevent recovery”


My issue with this verdict is the literal second half of that exact example -
Xenos walling in marine or xeno bodies to prevent them from being recovered.

  • Where bodies fall within natural defense lines this is acceptable.

So it seems either I should be getting ticketed literally every single game as a hivey on LV or Chances for rewalling and dooring off areas. Or this is a case of natural defenses - which occured within a normal chokepointed area.

I was observing as a ghost this round when I was alerted to a marines body having been walled off by a queen. I actually observed the killing occur but I left after the marine died, and missed the walling off.

I investigated by checking the resin walls to ascertain who walled it off, which confirmed it was Odinschoosen. Based on my observation of the area, the disposition of the Marines and the nature of how the walling off was made, I decided that this was likely an attempt to wall off a Marine’s body for recovery purposes.

Another staff member incidentally deleted the walls while I was communicating to Odinschoosen. I noted Odinschoosen for the incident.

Here is a image of the area the body was in after the walls were removed, I should note the Marines were frontlining somewhere to the north-west of this.

Unfortunately it is difficult to easily validate this due to the way things are logged. Based on where it appears walls are missing however it does seem that walls were placed in a manner that would block vision of the corpse without providing explicit defence.

Owing to the inability to definitively prove the case based on the evidence to hand I will not remove the note, but I will add a reference to this report both to your records and to Steelpoint’s staff record so as to provide easy access should any similar concerns be raised about this in the future.

Added report:denied and removed report:pendinglogs