Officers can Shout too

Officers should be able to toggle if they use Loud voice or not.

More often that not marines play pranks and take the megaphone during briefing, for example.
An Officer could then use verb Loud Voice and speak with the big letters of a SL.

In the middle of combat with a CO leading the charge I would pay way more attention to a loud voice rather than a small one.

I know…just grab a megaphone. But SLs dont need those and also most SLs got macros or contact calling and push/retreat orders, Officers would then be able to use those macros as well.


This was proposed for CO a week/a few days ago I think, it was shot down for a few reasons. I didnt read further but I just know either the CO council, admeme, or dev team doesn’t like the idea for whatever reason. I remain impartial to it all.

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Well. If someone knows why it was shot down and could reply as to why I would be gratefull :smiley:.

“nooooo you can’t just make the often stolen and misused item a SKILL!” badmin screaming in the distance distorted by ignored fax noises

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