Officers can Shout too

Officers should be able to toggle if they use Loud voice or not.

More often that not marines play pranks and take the megaphone during briefing, for example.
An Officer could then use verb Loud Voice and speak with the big letters of a SL.

In the middle of combat with a CO leading the charge I would pay way more attention to a loud voice rather than a small one.

I know…just grab a megaphone. But SLs dont need those and also most SLs got macros or contact calling and push/retreat orders, Officers would then be able to use those macros as well.


This was proposed for CO a week/a few days ago I think, it was shot down for a few reasons. I didnt read further but I just know either the CO council, admeme, or dev team doesn’t like the idea for whatever reason. I remain impartial to it all.

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Well. If someone knows why it was shot down and could reply as to why I would be gratefull :smiley:.

“nooooo you can’t just make the often stolen and misused item a SKILL!” badmin screaming in the distance distorted by ignored fax noises

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I’m still waiting for a good reason here. Couldnt find the other post on forum.

Just saw a major try to speak orders to marines in the middle of chaos and it looked like this:
“Please marines…ju-just push”

Instead of this:

The Almayer Officers for some reason doesn’t know how speak loudly?


How accurate can this get. Daaaamn.

Average SL chad voice vs Average virgin CO voice.

Yeah it is kinda silly. SLs have the big voice so they can shout easily noticed orders in the field. And the CO needs to have a megaphone in there hand to do that. I cant imagine that being bad in any way. Only reason i can think nobody wants it because nobody can be botherd to code the toggel for it.

This is the true reason


Council voted against it last time around because we didn’t feel it was a necessary change, in the end. Like yeah, QoL is nice and all, but at the end of the day field leadership in the same scope as a Squad Leader is not the primary task of the CO. If a CO does deploy, they do so because they want to, and they have every means to just grab a megaphone (their office has one specifically for them). Not to mention that announcements via their tablet are a possibility.

We felt it dumbs down the process too much. Asking Field COs to grab and use a megaphone or announce something isn’t a big deal, and SLs were given this as a pure QoL because leading from the ground is quite literally what they do 100% of the time. For CO, this is not the case, and even less so for other Officer roles. It’s not that we went with a hard “yea, this is stupid, why come up with this at all?” verdict, but more so that we didn’t agree with moving that direction in the end.


That’s why I’m asking to have it be toggleable. Because the Officers(not only CO, but XO and SO too) need it.

I never said “COs can shout too”, I said Officers. For any reason they need to shout.
There are several quality of life to ‘say’ with a loud voice instead of Megaphone.

Mainly Macros.

In the middle of combat the officer is expected to lower his weapon or holster it, pick up a megaphone, use it, hope it isnt shot/disabled/stunned/paralyzed/pounced/droppedbecauseofbrokenarm, write, and then enter.

Instead of T, write, Enter.
Or ‘/’ wich is my macro to retreat. Or ‘*’ wich is my macro to push.
I can’t do any of that with the megaphone and if I try is already too late…thats why it’s on a macro.