Official MP UOF

An official MP use of force continuum would be greatly beneficial to cm. Why? Because now mps have set guidelines for using their tools. Additionally, I believe an “excessive force” charge should be created. With this, the days of getting tased 6 times and pepper sprayed 4 times without even running away, are over, but it also allows for reason to shoot someone shooting at you instead of trying to tase them

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excessive force already exists under the misuse of authority charge

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Misuse of Authority:

The exercising of power to a malicious extent by Military Police or deputized personnel acting as an MP; examples include beating a downed prisoner, excessive use of harmful or non-lethal force, or other abusive actions that led to the harm of a person in custody. Detained suspects should not have more force used on them than necessary in order to pacify them.

Force may be used against retaliating or escaping parties only to the point where they are sufficiently pacified.