[OLD] USCM Dossier - Major Misti Rockwell

United States Colonial Marine Corps

Officer Corps
Military Service Records

General Information

LAST NAME: Rockwell ; Born: Kobayashi



PLACE OF BIRTH: Okayama, Okayama Prefecture, Japan, Three World Empire

PLACE OF RESIDENCE: [Redacted], Oda District, Okayama Prefecture, Japan, Three World Empire

GENDER: Female

DATE OF BIRTH: 8th of July, 21XX

ETHNICITY: Japanese, English [Father’s Side]

Parents: Mrs. Renge Kobayashi [Mother] ; Mr. James Rockwell [Father]

Siblings: Mrs. Ayaka Kobayashi



WEIGHT: [Expunged]

HEIGHT: 182cm ; 6 Feet



SPOKEN LANGUAGES: Japanese (Native), English (Fluid)


STATUS: Active

RANK: Lieutenant Colonel (O-5)

CALLSIGN: “Hornet”


Commander of Second Division, Second Battlegroup, Third Fleet

Commanding Officer, USS Yokosuka

DATE OF COMMISSION: 21st of March, 21XX


Report following routine medical check-up, written by Professor Charles Erwing, Chief Medical Officer of USS Alistoun:

Slight bruising on her left hip. Injury appears to have carried over from her time aboard USS Alistoun. Patient does not report any signs of pain upon putting pressure on the injury. Injury is thereby deemed insignifcant and of no danger to combat readiness or physical ability.




SHIP CLASS: Sabot-class Cruiser

SHIP DESIGNATION: Light Cruiser; AA Escort

DISPLACEMENT: 16.2151 tons

LENGTH: 690 meters

BEAM: 80 meters

HEIGHT: 150 meters


2 Railgun systems


2 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Turrets [Primary Use: Fighter, Bomber and Patrol craft]

2 Heavy-duty Point-defense arrays, 1 Medium-duty Point-defense array [Primary use: Screening against Torpedoes, rockets, other slow-moving projectiles]

1 UD-4 Cheyenne Dropship


360 Total

12 Commissioned Officers

100 Enlisted Men and Women [3 combat-capable Squads of Marines for supporting groundside action, remainder as part of maintenance, command, service and police personnel)

1 Military Liaison [3WE Royal Navy]

1 Corporate Liaison [W-Y]

1 Weyland-Yutani 3rd Generation Synthetic Unit


  • Ship’s name refers to Japan’s city and naval base of the same name, the latter of which is the biggest in all of Japan and served as an area of joint operations between Japan and the United States following World War 2 and the Reconstruction period in Japan. Lieutenant Colonel Rockwell chose the name to pay homage to both her homeland, Japan, as well as her service to the United States, as a note of cooperation between the two.

  • Lieutenant Colonel Rockwell has requested several times that the Yokosuka be further retrofitted, insisting that the purely AA-minded structure of the ship was useless in a war against pirates and insurgents, and instead wished for Orbital Bombardment capabilities. These requests have been denied by High Command on every occasion.

  • Rockwell retains influential ties with her homeland in the 3WE, and loyal, positive views on Weyland-Yutani. Both have time and again been contacted by the Colonel for purchase of weaponry and supplies, those which Rockwell claims she was denied by Marine High Command. Rockwell has not been acting in secret however, on the contrary involving an official military liaison from the Royal Navy of the 3WE aboard her vessel. High Command has taken notice of this, but not yet deemed it necessary to intervene, both because of steady Magpie lobbying by other influential Officers in the Fleet, as well as to not damage diplomatic ties in the Frontier with the only other potential ally the UA has - the 3WE. Intervention continues to be deemed not worth risking a potentially major diplomatic incident with the Anglo-Japanese.


21XX: 2LT
21XX: 2LT → 1LT
21XX: 1LT → CAPT

Administrative Note:

Lieutenant Colonel Rockwell received a commission into the Colonial Marine Corps with express ‘recommendation’ by Weyland-Yutani. It is heavily presumed that her father, who works in Middle Management of the Company in Japan, had a hand in getting such a commendation for his daughter. This commission also included a green card status for the Major, though she has continuously retained and renewed her 3WE Citizenship, and has visited her homeland of Japan many times she was given shore leave, if time was sufficient.

Third Fleet Informational Records

The following is confidential information retrieved by personnel of the UAAC-TIS, chiefly by RADM [Expunged], Field Coordinator. Illegal distribution of data pertained below is subject to immediate punishment according to UA and Marine Law.

POLITICAL ALLEGIANCE: Unclear. Colonel Rockwell appears to lean towards a Hawkish outlook and agenda, intent on making a name for herself and her capabilities through military prowess and victories. However, her continuing interactions and positive relationships with Weyland-Yutani and the Three World Empire also grant her access to many Magpie lobbies within the Neroid Sector.

LEADERSHIP: Preferring a strategic and usually slow approach to battle, Rockwell is most home to the Combat Information Center from where she intends to direct the flow of combat. She intends to uphold an Order of Battle, emphasizing frequently the cohesion of singular Squads on the ground. Singular brave, heroic Marines will inevitably die if their Squad is stranded and lost, she claims. Rockwell appears to be a fervent proponent of a doctrine of Superior Firepower, encouraging massed and repeated usage of orbital ordinance, artillery, air strikes and armoured support. She forfeits most flanking maneuvers and gravitates towards disregarding them as ‘too risky’ and ‘playing with lives’. Instead, she prefers solidifying her available manpower and firepower for central offensives to crush an enemy line, from which to exploit the created gap and rout the enemy. This stratagem is tried and true, and works offensively as well as it does defensively, according to her. This leadership style may indeed play a major part in why the Colonel has repeatedly requested her own ship to be retrofitted with Orbital Bombardment capabilities.

PERSONAL HISTORY: Rockwell was born in Japan to a Japanese mother and an English father, who had migrated to Japan as part of his newfound employment within Weyland-Yutani. Her older sister, Ayaka Kobayashi, was and is close to her, according to the Colonel’s own statements. Her sister would join the 3WE’s Royal Navy after graduating from college, where today she holds the rank of Commodore. It appears as though her sister had repeatedly and perhaps even aggressively tried to coerce Miss Rockwell into also enlisting with the Royal Navy, seemingly with the intent of “serving together”, though the Colonel herself often seems to make the implication that the aim was a form of nepotistic favoritism - that she was to be rising through the ranks of the Navy without merit, just to be with her sister on deployment. Curiously, Lieutenant Colonel Rockwell refused on every occasion, and in the end joined the UA’s Colonial Marine Corps instead - with the seeming aid of her father’s corporate influences to receive both a green card and a commission.

NOTES: Colonel Rockwell is a peculiar individual among the Third Fleet’s officer roster. Being a Non-American, she already earns the ire of some of her colleagues from that alone, let alone subordinates. Add on-top of that her ties to Weyland-Yutani through her father and constant dealings with them, as well as the Empire, and you have a Woman that has a lot of rumors and talk going on behind her back. Regardless of this, Rockwell has proven to objectively be capable and fit for the role handed to her. Though her tone is often complaining, even ranting, which again does not earn her many supporters, she displays a great deal of energy, vigour and dedication in pursuing what she must and wants, and this behaviour is a part of that. The Fleet thinks she is still a potential security leak, but since she harbours an official Liaison from the Royal Navy on her ship now, we cannot start wide-reaching sweeps to search for dirt on her due to the potential for wide-reaching diplomatic fallout with our only allies in the Sector. Whether or not Rockwell has intentionally employed this Liaison to thwart us from investigating her too deeply is unknown. Though, surprisingly, she conducts most of her dealings publicly, without pursuing an effort of concealing herself, and admitting to everything. This is in stark contrast to the Magpie lobby, and is deemed a very positive attribute in favour of the Colonel. Rockwell will remain for now, in any case. She is capable and eager, and even a useful diplomatic tie-in for the 3WE and us. We will be keeping an eye out, however.


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