Old Weaponry

How about we allow marines to vend old weaponry, like the m16, mp5. Lore wise it’d make sense that one of the worst fleets would use out dated weaponry due to their lack of supply and budget.

It’d be vendable from req or prep.



M16 is soul

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I wanna write up some big thing about how the current black market is in the worse state it’s ever been and how limiting marines to not being able to use old school weapons like m16 does nothing but hinder roleplay but honestly no point because it’s not going to change with the current views about it.

For some reason a lot of people hate the black market and its weapon sets despite the vast majority of them being marine self nerfs in multiple ways. As a result of this everyone is more or less forced to go super bland 80-90% same weapon build of shotgun/m4 or occasional m39/m4ra, not counting the very limited restricted weapons like flamer, m2c or smart pistol which everyone rush to requisitions to obtain every single round. It’s just so boring.

More weapons is good; more fun, more roleplay and more marine nerfs which everyone loves.

Honestly, just make black market more specific and not have everything be a loot box. Because if a CL wants some PMC fatigues for his recruits, REQ has to wade through countless UPP, CLF and pizza boy outfits before you get to PMC.

I feel like a major rework of the Black Market to allow for M16s and MP5s and MAR-30s instead of what it is now would really increase the roleplay, rather than it being a lootbox of you buy something and hope RNGJesus blessed you so that the MP5 is in the black market box.

At least that way you can take requests and actually give out, instead of just saying “sorry, we only got MAR 30s and no p9000s because we weren’t lucky”.

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one of the major selling points of cm for me is it’s uniformity. there are some cosmetic options, but ultimately marines look and feel like a proper military - everyone’s got the same uniform, helmets are the same across the board and armor sets are mostly identical. they even use the same weapons aside from some niche options and specialists and i think it should stay that way. maybe it would be nice if req had ways to access non-standard weaponry easier, but that’s about it

besides there may be problems with balance (unlikely though), some weapons if they are put in prep could be noob traps and identification for xenos would be more difficult i guess? most guns have unique sounds and it could be confusing… maybe… i dunno…


Oh yeah, putting them in vendors literally defeats the sense of unity and what marines are issued. No Marine Battalion even if it’s the worst of the worst would be ISSUED MP5s or MAR-30s lol… I think changing the black market to add them as cosmetics is much better than the having them be vendable round-start.

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Exactly man. Keep the rare and unique weapons to the colony/special roles. The uniformity is why CM works so well, the more you take away from that the more you take away a big part of why CM is so great.

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Then what about being able to purchase ammunition for the outdated weapons like the mar30 and others without the need for blackmarket