OP Bica-Kelo-Tric-Tram-Oxy-Inaprovaline Mix

Today I saw an almost unkillable marine, splashed with acid, running without any slowdown in crit with -50% health and killing t1 and t2 one after another. The scanner showed that he had a mix of all possible drugs and inaprovalin. Suggesting administering conflicting medications, and slowing down the administration of inaprovalin or something similar. Yes, about the same as on TGMC.

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You mean UNGA? Its a fairly common medical mix made up by Doctors and given to Marines in flasks.

Though the mixing of Oxycodone and Tramadol feels a waste since they both do the same thing, and this dillutes the mixture and reduces the amount of the other medications. I’d remove the Tramadol and keep the Oxycodone, but that does run the risk of the Oxy running out faster.

In terms of innaprov, I’d actually rather encourage Marines to use it not make it harder to use. If every marine carried a Innaprov injector and used it on crit marines, there’d be a helluva lot less dead people.

but inaprov essentially doubles the marine’s HP, allowing him to run without any slowdown in a critical state with oxy in the blood down to -200 HP, it’s surprising that it is so rarely used

Really don’t think that it actually does that… you sure they weren’t stimmed?

give that marine some epinephrine and dexalin+ and he will survive fucking anything XD

Yeah… that dude was probably stimmed, man.
Unga is extremely common. It’s not a rare mix, it’s something brewed up shipside EVERY game and sent planetside in 1K u tanks. About 20%-25% of marines probably use it every round.
A standard medical mix of unga heals 3 brute and 3 burn every second and gives extreme pain resistance + negates oxygen damage (could stop or heal it, depending on what drugs people threw in).
There’s no extra effects.

Here’s what Inaprovaline does- It stops you from accumulating oxy damage when you’re in crit. That’s it.
This means that it’s a stabilising drug that will keep you from suffocating to death when you’re on the ground, unconscious. It’s a drug used by medics so patients don’t die instantly when revived because they waited 3 seconds and the patient received 9 oxy, pushing them over -100%. Note that without painkillers, usually a marine will keel over on the floor somewhere below 0%.
It does NOT let that marine suddenly get up and run around, shooting down xenos at full speed.

Marine slowdown comes from 3 sources most of the time- Fractures, Pain & Xeno Abilities.
The only thing unga can somewhat stop is Pain slowdown with oxy, which obviously has it’s limits. You’re probably going to be in at least high pain at -50%, if not literally paincrit. Fracture slowdowns cannot be stopped in any way outside of a bonefix. If that marine was running at fullspeed, he was probably stimmed, and his base speed increased so hard his broken body was still moving at ‘normal marine’ speed.

Conclusion? The dude was stimmed, and that’s why he was a literal fucking supersoldier.

EDIT: Regarding adding conflicting medications… This opens a massive can of worms I don’t think anyone wants to bother with. The number of medics who would start killing people on accident because they didn’t memorise each drug’s interaction with other drugs alone would be ridiculous.


Tl;dr a xope?

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I don’t like most unga mixes because you take a sip and get like 3u of each drug instead of a useful amount

Yeah that was definitly a stim. Ina just prevents Oxy damge while in crit and doesnt heal anything. They dont have that on TGMC but research in CM can make custome chems on an insane level. Just Neogenetic alone, best brute healer you can make in chems is Meralyne and that has only NGN lv3. And that shit heals fast. Mera is 3 brute healing per tick if i remember rigth, so you can see how it performs on higher Levels.

There are some insane combinations you can pull off with stims if your creative enough. Like reviving people, making them faster, ignore queen screech/unstunnabel, etc. If you havent i would advise you to look at the wiki page of the diffrent propertys you can use for custom chems.

Also i think this needs to be moved to Discussions.

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Yeah this is something called Unga-Juice. It has like 6-8 different chems in it, it is usually put into this empty huge container, when filled it gets a pinkish hue and you can pull it around to move it. Made in medical by nerds.

Now i didn’t know that the chems can allow you to be in crit health and still be running around, i’ll give it a try later.

Unga can be taken instantly on the go, and each sip being a small amount of each Chem means you can adjust your dosage based off your damage.

Oh no, an acid spitter drooled on you! That’s what, 20 acid? Ok, you drink your unga and get 3u of each chemical.
Tric, Derm & Kelo heal for a combined 3 DMG per tick, and all 3 have a metabolism of 0.2 per tick, meaning you get a total of 15 ticks of healing = 45 burn healed total. Furthermore, 3u of Oxycodone will provide 30 ticks of extreme pain relief.
Did you get hurt more? Just increase your dosage by sipping more unga.
The unga being in small doses is GOOD. It’s actually a buff, not a nerf. It ensures you can avoid using overkill amounts of drugs, conserving your unga and also makes ODs less likely. Taking 6 sips instead of 3 just means you spam drink 5 times more in 1 microsecond.

Still far better than having to stand still and inject yourself with Kelo and Tram individually and getting half the healing per tick vs unga.

UNGA can do that, but more specifically, that’s what oxycodone does. It negates pretty much all pain so you can stay standing right until you die. That being said, oxycodone gets out of your system quite fast, so do be careful to reel it back it if you notice you took quite a bit of damage.

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That marine was dont have stims in blood. Ghost medscan show only 20-30 all ungamix units.

Inaprovaline+Oxycodone have anti-pain potential 100 (100%?).

That’s why I propose adding inaprovalin a motion-slowing effect or a conflict-slowing effect with oxycodone, so that it is a life-saving drug in an emergency situation, and not a homemade stim.

Oxy is metabolized so fast that I never use it as a painkiller except when I’m a medic treating someone in the very specific situation that we’re heavily pressured and I want them up immediately.

Yeah, it lets you take more damage and you’re more able to keep fighting but in practice that benefit only lasts long enough for a single combat encounter, it’s not nearly as useful as it seems because of that, and in almost any ungamix it’ll be such a small component (again like my issue with ungamixes in general) that it metabolizes away before its done anything useful.

Additionally there was either code preventing painkillers from stacking outright, or different painkillers would metabolize together and poison you. I’m not sure which it is, but I know I’ve been told not to try and stack painkillers together and just stick to one - does anyone know more on this?

Paracetamol and tramadol make poison, but otherwise stacking painkillers only give you the best painkiller effect of the bunch, even if its a stim.

All this time ive been wasting a pouch slot on medpens like some kind of hairless ape when I could be swinging back UNGA in a flask?

Yes. Unga is a plain upgrade over injectors and pills for the average marine.

Regarding oxy’s usefulness, yeah- Painkillers don’t stack. Only the best painkiller is chosen, hence the max pain relief anyone can have is 80%, it can never go above that. There’s no need to add a negative interaction between inaprov and oxy, because inaprov and oxy simply don’t synergise in terms of pain relief. It’d be like adding a negative interaction between Peridaxon and Tricordrazine.

All the inaprov does it stop oxy damage from killing you in crit- And let’s be real here, you’re only getting oxy damage when you’re already on the floor, dying of bloodloss and organ failure, or suffocation (not combat effective).

Inaprov is pretty much useless in a frontline combat situation. In fact, inaprovaline isn’t even present in most unga mixes people make because of this (outside of using it as a reagent for tricordrazine) Why waste space on inaprov when you can add more MB, KD, T and O? Tricordrazine already heals oxy damage for you.

The issue here isn’t Oxy + Ina, it’s literally just Oxycodone.

Injectors apply effects instantly, it can take like 10-30 seconds for ungamix to metabolize into your blood and that can be really critical.

Although there’s much, much, less of a distinction now that it takes a few seconds to apply injectors - one of the reasons I don’t like the removal of the EZ injectors and think that simple ones like tricord and inaprov should’ve remained EZ, but in general use injectors are still faster to get drugs in you even with the windup, just worse when you can’t stop for that long.

Injectors can also be refilled for free in the field from a medical vendor with a infinite capacity, UNGA needs to be refilled via a tank which may or may not be empty by the time you need a refill.