Open door event a slightly different turn to green shift

The idea is to have a green shift with a theme: Open doors.
First kinda of player would be expert. each departments/role would have expert to train people and explain what their job is to the visitors.
Second kind of player would be trainee they are here be trained for a job.
third kind are visitors they are here because they want to learn more about the different job/departments on the almayer.

i think that way everyone as a something to do.
doesn’t prevent to role small event inside the setting .

1-fake visitor here to steal shit or to spy. for example…
2-someone trying to stoway in the ship(making some sort of nest somwhere…)

it’s a very rough idea for an event but what do you think?
and more important do you understand what i mean?


You mean a day where the Marines try to find new recruits?

That sounds honestly pretty fun


thought this was gonna be about someone playing ares and the event is you can ask ares to open any doors for you and then tell ares law 1 when they refuse

haha can you imagine having a role in a game where that’s 95% of their job? Just opening doors? lol

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Green shift normally ends in chaos.

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the event where the president comes to the almayer and you have to show him how uscm does things

canon outcome marines are disbanded and operations are outsourced to W-Y PMCs


Hop aboard the murder train.