Opinion - Gettysburg or Waterloo

Waterloo - 1970 - Original Movie Trailer 'Waterloo'(1970) - YouTube

Gettysburg - 1993 - Gettysburg (1993) Official Trailer - Martin Sheen, Stephen Lang Civil War Movie HD - YouTube

I want the communities opinion on these epic films. Which do you prefer? No wrong answer just want a good discussion.

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If I had to be entirely real: both. Both are awesome movies in their own right, and I’ll always remember Chamberlain’s charge down the hilltop as much as I’ll remember the charge of the Scot’s Greys.

That being said, for its INCREDIBLE accuracy and scale, I have to give the slightest bit of edge to Waterloo.


I cant just pick one, both are good!

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man, i’ve only watched Waterloo

Find Gettysburg. It is a certified classic.

Gotta go with waterloo.

Aint filled with action but the story behind production is crazy, and it really pushes forward this notion of a man trying to leverage his reputation and charisma to hold onto a fantastical dream in a decisive brutal line battle where he knows subconsciously that he has let down his entire nation, and everything that he has done and worked for has turned to ash.

The portrayal of napoleon at the end shows a man who has lost his soul, and how beyond reason his men have utter faith in him.

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I love both of them, but it has to be Waterloo for the sheer epicness of the movie.

Both have excellent soundtracks, and I even prefer Gettysburg over Waterloos in that regard.

I have seen neither but Waterloo because Abba

Very true. Gettysburg has the superior soundtrack.

That is a profoundly great statement.