Oprime - Commanding Officer Application

Commanding Officer Application - Oprime

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord ID?


What is your timezone in UTC?


Player Name You Use Most?

Tyler ‘Prime’ Jones

Ban Appeals, Whitelist and Staff Applications:

not any

Have you been banned in the last 3 months?


If so, why?

no bans at all(I think)

Command Knowledge:

How familiar are you with command positions?

I say I’m pretty familiar with them, I know how to use all the tools of CiC to my advantage for example OW consoles, med console etc…the tacmap(and sending it) and of course the buttons to arm up/lock cic down

Hours in XO:


Hours in SL:


Character Information:

Why did your character decide to become the CO of a ship?

He had a lot of issues with W-Y and had very bad encounters with corporate goons in the past, that is partly the reason he wanted to get to the top, to make sure corporate doesn’t waste human life to defend colonies that are just money and tine to make so he had enough and applied for a promotion that was accepted due to his reputation to be able to ein dire situations.

How did your character attain the position of CO?

He went through the ranks from when he first enlisted at 18 and after a few years found himself on the Bravado’s bridge serving as an SO and becoming the XO of the ship by the time he was 40. After the loss of the Bravado in battle he was transferred to the Almayer where many times he led his troops out of an unwinnable situation to victory so it was only natural he was promited to command the vessel.

Provide a short story of your CO.

Command Actions:

When do you believe it’s appropriate to pardon a prisoner?

Lets say contraband, if a marine finds a katana and brings it onboard they shouldn’t be jailed just for having it, at maximum take it but I’d pardon a marine just for that

Give some examples of when you would or would not use pardon.

If an MP gets attacked by a marine who starts punching them and he without a second to thing pulls lethals and kills the marine I’d not pardon that

If a marine came into CiC shouting mutiny and shooting all over the walls and glass but would be detained, I’d not pardon that even if it was a joke since thats a bit too far

If a SG got in trouble for fighting an SL who cut in front of him at req, but noone would say the SG was there first I’d pardon the SG since they are needed planetside

If there wasnt an FoBdoc and the CMO deployed due to the lack of even medevac I’d pardon them IF it was a situation where that deployment turned the tide

When do you believe it’s appropriate to use a Battlefield Execution?

If there aren’t enough MPs to carry out an arrest, an MP wouldn’t be able to respond in time or it was so critical to the op they’d need to be stopped immidietly

Give some examples of when you would or would not use Battlefield Execution.

The CL stole something and is stuck in his office, without MPs or CiC staff with the CE I go to arrest the CL but forgot non lethals, we tell the CL he will be lethaled and BEd many times if he keeps running and he responds with:If you kill me W-Y will fuck you upm and it ends with us cornering him and him running of opening firr on thr CE, I’d BE the CL for that

If a marine was intentionally killing others with the mortar and I was deployed I’d BE him dur to it becoming an execution if hes arrested while MPs also are far I’d BE him for it

If a marine went and started shooting others and yelling during a briefing but MPs were close enough to respond I may shoot him a few times so hes not a threat but wouldn’t BE him

I’ve had the pleasure of working with you on several rounds and recently joined as a CO for you.

I DO like that you’re unafraid of trying risky plays. I think that is your strongest suit. However, you also play fast and loose with the rules and guidelines expected of command. For example, you and Chief Engineer Gangland executed the liaison under the pretense of trying to arrest him.

I think you have a lot of potential, but I don’t think you’re ready just yet to be in the big seat. I’m going to be leaning toward a -1 for now.

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Thanks for your input, yeah my last really reading through the rules has been a few months back when I last played CM a lot.

That situation(not sure if you saw the whole thing) was me not having non lethals(went to grab them but the I assume admin AI tech said to not) and I didn’t know the CLs lethal got replaced by a nonlethal so thought he lethaled the CE(who ran in while I tried to soloarrest the CL) so for me thinking he lethaled the CE I lethaled him.

Before I get into the nitty gritty, I’m just gonna go through this bit by bit with my thoughts on those parts.

I can’t say I have seen that name much if at all as of recent. When was the last time you played XO?

That’s… literally the job of the Colonial Marine Corps…? I’m not sure if I understand the motivations here correctly because responding to distress calls from COLONIES, is literally the main duty of the USCMC. It’s why they exist. Saying your character hates doing that because Marines are being sent to a Colony that, behind the scenes, a Corporation only cares about due to monetary investment, is sort of nonsensical. Being against Wey-Yu is cool and all, but hating the job? That makes no sense. At that point why hasn’t he quit? Almost all colonies in the Neroid sector are Corporate. If not Wey-Yu then some subsidiary of them.

Again, I don’t get this. Your story, to take as an example, is about Captain Jones bombing his own troops and killing a dozen of them in a terrible friendly fire accident. Are you telling me he got a PROMOTION out of that, despite royally fucking up that badly? And that he has a reputation of being able to clutch near-losses? If that was your intent, then I must wonder why you didn’t write a story that depicts a character like such.

This alone would almost be sufficient for a -1 from me. This, perhaps because it is not elaborated on very much, seems to me like a classic PFC to CO character story - which are notorious for not being allowed. One thing you need to have as a applicant to this Whitelist is an understanding of not just the gameplay aspect of this, but the roleplaying aspect as well. As part of that, you need to understand military ranks and the difference between Enlisted Men and Commissioned Officers. I cannot, in good heart, support a character that "enlisted with 18 and after a few years suddenly found himself as a Second Lieutenant. Sorry.

Murder is a capital crime, which you cannot pardon anyhow. Bad example. Also this is entirely an OOC issue because the MP illegally killed someone and clearly doesn’t know about escalation rules. Again, bad example.

I don’t think you can ever say “it was maybe just a joke” when someone literally breaks into the CIC and starts firing live rounds into the place. That’s actually something I would BE them for all things considered. Also, if they are detained for mutiny (i.e. Sedition) then that’s a capital crime. You cannot pardon capital crimes (again), so it’s again a bad example.

Pardoning people because they’re a limited role is bad sport for most within the Whitelist and I’m part of that mindset. Being an SG alone doesn’t mean get pardoned. If they’re spouting shit over comms, or at MPs, then they can have their brig time. Judging this as badly handed in my personal view.

The CMO knows, or at least should know, that deploying is against SOP and so knows that they are liable to be arrested. A Pardon here is valid, but you are once again totally ignoring the human aspect within this tool you’re given. Yes, the CMO may have helped turn the tide, but REMEMBER that YOU are going to be held accountable if the CMO does not return to the ship upon pardon or if they commit ANY other crime thereafter. If the CMO is easily agitated when the MPs start talking about them having a warrant, then don’t consider a pardon. They clearly don’t have a lot of self-control, and although you have good intentions, you would run the risk of beheading the operation by getting yourself arrested along with them.

You don’t use a BE “when there are not enough MPs to make an arrest”. By that logic you would permadeath people for vandalism or theft, which is bazonkers. The last one, the hint at immediate urgency and threat, is correct however. A BE, in most cases, is primarily utilised when threatened and you, the CO, need to make the split-second decision of whether you need to defend yourself (and/or others around you) right away, or whether you can call for help in time.

You don’t threaten to kill somebody as the CO when acting as a MP if their crime is not a crime that warrants execution. Theft is not a capital crime. Yes, you can tell him “you will face extra time for resisting”, but you DO NOT tell him he’ll get shot - because you can’t. You CANNOT shoot someone unless they are a direct threat to you or others - in self-defence. Telling the CE to kill the CL would be an illegal order. If, of course, the CL then starts shooting the CE because you said you would kill them… well, I’d expect you would face an ahelp or player report for that whole situation. Because you acted wrong and clearly don’t understand SOP/ML fully.

This is honestly worded really, really poorly and demonstrates poor grammar. Not a good look. Yes, if a Marine is killing Marines repeatedly via Mortar, you MAY execute them - but remember that a Mortar fires blind (mostly). The people responsible may, in fact, be the Jtac operators with the rangefinders, who repeatedly tell the Mortar Operator to shoot on friendlies. You don’t even make a mention of this in your answer, and so I have a feeling it never even crossed your mind, demonstrating a lack of knowledge with how these things work. Many bad OBs, too, are not the fault of the CO, XO or SO - they’re the fault of a SL or the like lazing bad coords and shouting “FIRE” over Command comms.

Wrong. BE them. They’re a troll and will get ahelped and banned either way. Just BE them and have it done with. The more shots you fire, the more likely it is you will hit somebody else - because, reminder, this is Briefing which is sorta renown for being crowded. Good luck firing your 6-shot cylinder at someone at range and not hitting half of those rounds on friendly marines who are probably all scrambling or also shooting.


I don’t like to sugarcoat things I don’t like and think that definitely need work - and so I won’t. If you think I’m speaking too harshly, then I’m sorry, but I’m doing it so that you understand how I feel and how I think you performed. Which, I can tell you now, is poorly.

  • You demonstrate a lack of comprehension of Military ranks and service time, using a PFC to Major character. I have a severe fear that you would not be able to sufficiently roleplay a Senior, Commanding Officer in a High Roleplay fashion as such.

  • Your story fails to display your character correctly if the description given just above it is any indication.

  • Your story, and indeed your entire application here, is full of typos, wrong tenses and general grammar mistakes. I do not know what your first language is but knowing english well is a requirement for becoming a respectable and comprehensable CO. It was hard to even understand your answers for some of these.

  • Your Marine Law knowledge is very poor. You failed to meet our standard with it via your Pardon and BE answers alone.

  • Some of your answers and scenarios here worry me because they would likely result in you getting ahelped or player reported - naturally, a HUGE red flag. I’m not going to support people who make it clear that their lack of knowledge with the game and its rules will get them into trouble right out of the gate.

  • I have not seen you, like, ever. Honestly. I read your name and nothing and nobody comes up in my mind, so I frankly have nothing to fall back on, but I have not heard good things about you from fellow COs so far.

  • You reached out to me before sending this, requesting my help in reading over your CO story before submitting - a good thing! However, before I could even respond, you submitted this - and I was told another Councillor, who also helped you, literally told you to ask other Councillors for help before submitting. Ignoring the earnest advice of a Councillor is… not a good thing. Honestly.

  • According to what the Staff Team told the Council, you were involved in killing a CL when trying to arrest them (maybe this is what your example in this was based off of). Supposedly you wanted to arrest, but they note that you arrived at the CL’s fully geared with lethals from the CIC. Once again, you clearly do not understand how ML or MP policing works. At all.

I can’t look into the minds of my fellow Councillors, but I recommend you withdraw this, play both MP and XO a lot more to get a better grip of both, read up on CO SOP, general SOP and ML, and rewrite this application for when you’re ready. Most of what is on here is, unfortunately, and I won’t sugarcoat this as I said, terrible and wrong.


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While I didn’t see the whole thing.

Here’s what I do know.

You left the CIC unattended. Presumably, you may have waited until you saw the official announcement that I joined, but it doesn’t change the fact that it was an overwhelmed SO alone in the CIC trying to do eight things at once.

You armed up with lethal in an attempt to make an arrest. Instead of taking one of the tons of nonlethals you can easily access, that would have made a fight not happen.

You then executed the CL so that while I was still catching up with the operation, Forest had to spawn a corporate team to help the CL as well as we didn’t have any military police on at this time.

To be perfectly frank. I think you play fast and loose with the rules due to your inexperience with them. The way you’ve chosen to conduct yourself as an XO isn’t precisely tremendous and has a very large variance between rounds, and I hate saying this as I can tell you enjoy commanding. But I cannot confidently say you’re ready to be in the CO seat.

I would suggest withdrawing your application and reapplying in a couple of months after showing us you have a strong understanding of the guidelines, rules, and expectations we have for the Commanding officer position.

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pen (once again) says everything i could possibly come up with here

I think you should withdraw.
You’re starting on the right track, though. Spend more time in command positions, take time to hammer SOP and ML into your head, and play some MP too. Get a better understanding of the rules as well, and you’ll do fine in the future, I imagine.

I would also really like you to shoot your story to me if/when you reapply, so I can offer some advice - I have some gripes with it. My discord is nusixx

Thanks for the feedback, and the same to the others, could you teoo me how does one withdraw? It looks like my ML reading I did like 4months aho wasn’t enough

Everything been said pretty much. I know you’re closing this but this is feedback for your next app. Counter to what Braden said (maybe he’s seen more of you than I have), I see you as a very safe player who just wants the win and nothing else. When I didn’t order to cade hydro on LV and we pushed the gap aggressively you started complaining as XO and saying it was a bad plan.

We failed at the end but that’s part of the CO game. Doing unusual plans that might fail. We don’t need another person just copy and pasting plans nonstop or just slightly modifying the current meta plan.

I haven’t seen you enough, but you seem to want to use cades at every choke instead of looking for a flank. This shows me a lack of map knowledge or you’re just going for the safer option.

You also lack a very crucial point for me, Charisma. Your briefings feel eh at most, and I don’t feel very motivated when I’m a PFC under you. Getting the dudes fired up before a deployment and making them feel like a round is special is a power a CO, XO, and SL have. You need to use it more.

I’m not a councilor so this is just my opinion, everything else I see points you on the right track. You’re close but just need some more time


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Withdrawn at applicant request, you can reapply in 30 days.