Ordnance Tech Gunsmithing

Just an idea I’ve been mulling over.

If you’ve given OT a try you’ll notice that two OT’s is one cook too many (caveat being training/trained) and often results in one cryoing and the position/workshop being run by a single, silent individual. The role is quick to become pigeonholed into making rockets, one variant of grenade or mortar rounds.

I’d like to believe that introducing the production of ammunition could give work to another OT position without sacrificing much in the way of productivity while still remaining in-universe. This could also be a substitute method of acquiring already existing ammunition or replenishing dwindling ammunition supplies (SG comes to mind in particular) to marines. You could add an optional roleplay tag ‘Gunsmith’ to the character job choices.

Just something to expand upon a position that really only sees a single person doing a majority of the work and adding versatility to marine loadouts.

I think, allowing the subrole to just produce spec ammo would turn into some sort of just mass producing the meta spec ammo type and if you don’t produce the meta, you are a baldie and get thrown out of your workshop. What’s about allowing the OT to produce custom ammunition which does a bit more damage or is somewhat more accurate or so, maybe even able to apply small upgrades to guns.

I agreed OT tech should be able to make specialized ammunition. But it would have to be exceptionally expensive or a lengthy process or both.

Not even mentioning the whole new page on the wiki that needs to be created to support this all. even the coding and spiriting would be exceptionally painful.

Good idea, but it would take a while before it comes to life, if at all.

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Just being able to pump out AP ammo for 10x24 would be fucking HOT.

For balance it’d probably need to create raw ammo (ie unloaded individual rounds in max stacks) to be loaded into empty mags/boxes and a printer similar to CAS / Medical that doesn’t suck up all the metal for making other OT devices.

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The goal wouldn’t be specialist ammo specifically. It could be an outcome but the majority of focus would be on creating ammunition available to the average Rifleman. Think incendiary rounds, wall piercing ammunition, etc etc.

Of course. I’m not implying this would be a simple implementation but it would offer more playability for a role that is typically dominated by a single person, often with more experience. This would require extensive testing, naturally.

For balance I had considered the idea of taking excess bullets and feeding them into a machine for raw materials (gunpowder, shell casings, lead, etc). Mass fabricating the ammo results in them being thrown into a stack that could be picked up with an ammo box to be manually inserted into an appropriate magazine.

Interesting concept. Would be interesting to see how it develops or if it would even actually be implemented.