OT remote controlled C4 and Metagaming

Rigging the FOB as OT, with remote controlled C4 to detonate in case of evacuation is considered metagaming, and emphasis on the FOB part, because everywhere else is considered fine. Im guessing this is a balance issue, considering that the metagaming rule don’t apply when the wiki itself says this:

And if it really is a balance issue, we could take other routes instead of forbidding it with OOC punishment.

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is considered metagaming

the metagaming rule don’t apply

I’m assuming what happened here is you got bwonked about metagaming and are trying to get a clarification of what the rules actually say?

Im talking specifically about rigging the FOB with remote controlled c4 being considered metagaming, but for other areas it isn’t, and how the metagaming rule doesn’t fit well (in my opinion!!!) in this case. And maybe make it so it isn’t a rulebreak anymore?

I mean personally afaik it’s kosher to do so. Did you get bwoinked over it?

Rigging up doorways/entrances into the FOB as a form of defense I think is perfectly fine.

Rigging up the entire FOB/medical tent/supplies with explosives incase of evac just feels a bit non-rp in general. Why the hell would marines do that against bug/alien creatures? Maybe some forward outpost against the CLF it might make sense, but even then you can just set the explosive to blow as soon as you realize you need to abandon the outpost and cannot take your supplies with you. Moving around an area that is rigged to blow at any second at the push of a button that will kill everyone in it just doesn’t seem real.

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I don’t recall who told you that is metagaming, but it’s not. Regardless, the metagaming stuff listed on the rules are examples to give you more context of what is okay and what is not.

However, you should have a decent roleplay development to take such action. For example, FOB Siege or marines unable to get a frontline running would be valid reasons to rig the FOB for detonation incase of evacuation. Also, a CIC announcement stated that you may evac soon would count as a valid reason to take such action.

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