OtherHuman - Player Report: Nigel Godfrey II, Rule 3, Community expectations: "Don't be a dick."

OtherHuman - Player Report: Nigel Godfrey II, Rule 3, Community expectations: “Don’t be a dick.”

What’s your BYOND key?


Round ID:


Your character name:

Landon Dupont

Accused BYOND key:

Dont Know

Accused character name:

Nigel Godfrey II

What rule(s) were broken?:

Rule 3, Community expectations: “Don’t be a dick.”

Description of the incident:

Alright this story takes place over a large chunk of a round, so I’m just doing to describe the entire thing.
The round started like a normal one with me waking up as the round’s CL, so I did what CL’s normally do and grab some stuff from their office, then head over to CIC to greet the command staff, however for some reason when I got there and after saying “Good day” to the commanding officer and going to sit down next to the map table in the front of CIC, the CO started throwing several “Why are you here” and “What do you want” questions at me, despite me saying I was just there to say hello, now I get that some players can be Anti WY and stuff like that, but if you take into context the rest of this story, I’m fairly sure you will see my point. After that exchange I just left CIC to go do other things, and thought nothing of it, with the CO (The Accused Nigel Godfrey) saying on the radio as I left to “Leave the CIC” (Yes I get that the Commander can bar people from an area regardless of how annoying that is, but they did not explicitly state I was to be barred from the CIC, so I thought nothing of it at the time). I spent some time just siting in front of the medical vitals computer after that, then figured I should try to do some more RP and try to rekindle some good relationships Between the command staff and the WY representative (Me), so I headed up to CIC and just sat next to the same map table as before and waited for the command staff to return to CIC after the briefing was over, once that happened and the command staff returned, one of the first things the CO does is immediately start going after me for simply being in CIC, now for context, I had done absolutely nothing to annoy the command crew (Shocking for a CL), I had not asked them to sign any paperwork, not bothered them with a bunch of questions, and not tried to get them into some shady deal or something like that, up to before that the only interaction I had with the CO with them was the prior interaction in CIC. So the CO was going at me for from what I can tell, just being in CIC, and eventually it escalated to the point where they made threats to have me arrested for being in there. So my main point here is that while yes I get that some people like to have their characters just be Anti Corporate, this seemed VERY excessive for someone just being Ani Corporate, as I had done nothing to provoke them.


I have no screenshots or logs of the events

Hello I am the CO. My CO does not like random people in the CIC. I order all MPs, all PFCs, and all non-bridge crew out. This includes heads of staff, if your place is not the bridge, you aren’t supposed to be there unless you have pertinent information to give. This isn’t me being a dick, this is me RPing a character who believes every person has a place, and should in their assigned place. Additionally, when they are in a place they do not belong, they should have a good reason. If you recall, when I had to count down for you to leave, I told you to not come back unless you had something useful for me. I did not say not to come back at all, or ever. Why would my CO who is a Lieutenant Colonel want some civilian sitting in CIC? He wouldn’t. If I was really trying to be a dick, I would have just had you brigged for refusing to leave after having been ordered to.

There weren’t any hard feelings, I wasn’t even being serious. I literally counted down from 10 like an adult to a child because of how ridiculous it is. It was all in RP. Sorry if it upset you, really wasn’t my goal.


Being “anti company” is not a rule break, and from face value unless he was going over the top with profanity and insults/vulgarity to you, this is not a violation.