PanWarszawa - Timed Ban Appeal

PanWarszawa - Timed Ban Appeal

What’s your BYOND key?


Character Name?

John Astro

Type of Ban?

Timed Ban

What is your Bancode?

Admin who banned you?


Total Ban Duration

  • 7 days?

Remaining Duration


What other servers do you play on?


Are you now or have you been banned on any servers? Which ones?

Not that I can remember, maybe an russian server which I’ve been mocking their mannerisms.

Do you play using a Virtual Machine?


is your copy of Windows legitimate?


Reason for Ban:

N Word

Links to previous appeals:

By my profile;

Your appeal:

I had a shitty-awkward exchange between me and the CT, purposefully lisping, 'missing, creating funny of which I see scenarios; a clueless person you’d say, you’d be fired by it IRL to state the obvious Not by Lyod Austin

Been 15 minutes since the ban, on my previous appeals I DID refer to music, but as to what was included in the mix and a bad influece over myside, one myself.

I LEGIT had no intention of typing ‘Thanks N’ purposefully to be bizarrely, shock humor. NO. I had been listening to American Funk *Brazilians really suck. They use the word a lot. I get it, here the same applies for ‘preto’ which myself am in that category of; my two-half brothers are black, the ex-wife of my dad is black and so on.

Now to the context and samantics aside - I did not, meant to write ‘Thanks Nigga’ and leave, I should’ve corrected myself as ‘Thanks Fellah’ or other ways around it. I knew it was banned, I was noted for it, warned a 7 day ban, I love this game and in any way would let such of intentional stupid rule breaking take place.

I am not a clown. I am a player, a worker, a drug addict in the past now in re-hab.

Take this post as your interpretation, mine is of to be forgotten.


422 Rule and really feel like a petty dog face lying pony soldier here.
Half-rant. I am not being petty, please look at me, if permaed for something abhorrent and deserved of, I would never appeal. I just like to type and talk with fellows. personality is a greal deal-breaker and maker but to be honest with a bit of an filibuster is the norm. Pompous, virtue signaling is which of I hate the most. Victimization’s weaponized.

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Hello @PanWarszawa, this appeal violates the following ban appeal procedures rule:

  1. Seven day bans issued for slurs or homophobic behavior are not appealable and must be served out in their entirety. If you believe the ban was wrongfully issued, contact management.

Appeal Denied

Added appeal:denied and removed appeal:waiting