Hello, I am new to the forums here and only recently have started playing CMSS13, but I recently played a round as Military Police. As someone who generally enjoys the RP side of things as well as the fighting, the round was pretty entertaining and it was fun helping out on board the ship, but I noticed that when dealing with prisoners who wanted to appeal the CO seemed to be too busy to address them.

I thought instead of calling the CO over to hear the appeal (or their delegated officer) I’d try my hand at making a form that can be easily filled out and approved/denied without taking much time from the commander, and it was actually surprisingly kind of cool to come up with fake computer game paperwork forms.

Does anyone else have any cool forms they like to use for things?

Here’s my form.

[center][b]United States Colonial Marine Corps[/b]
[i]U.S.S. Almayer, Military Police[/i]


[b][u]Detainee Appeal Form MP-13-2023[/u][/b]

[b]Detainee:[/b] [field]

[b]Reason for Arrest:[/b] [field]

[small][i]Detainee makes appeal in following section.[/i][/small]

Signed, [field]

[b]Total Number of Pages:[/b] [field]
[small][i]Attach all relevant supporting documentation to this form. Your page count should include this page.[/i][/small]
[small][i]For Reviewing Officer[/i][/small]

[b]This Appeal is [APPROVED/DENIED]: [field] [/b]

[b]Signed,[/b] [field]
By completing this form it is not guaranteed that the detainee will have their appeal approved. Exercising the detainee's right to an appeal will not incur any additional sentencing or punishment under Marine Law. If the detainee feels that their arrest or appeal was improperly handled, the detainee may forward written grievances to the United States Colonial Marine Corps' Provost Marshal's Office. 

Additional copies of this form are available at the detainee's request.

As silly as having fun being a fake pencil-pusher sounds, I think my favorite thing was adding little fluff stuff to the paper that kind of makes the world feel more lived in than just the round-to-round cycles, which I noticed is something SS13 in general seems to do better than a lot of other games.


And actually, LOL, as I was reading this, I just got to the section that says appeals have to be done in person. Well, I guess it was a nice idea anyways. :sweat_smile:


Hey man, good idea. Take that energy and apply it Corporate Liaison forms. I have a feeling you would make some amazing forms. Good luck and god speed.

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There’s some forms on the wiki too.


Corporate NDA (massive and quite comprehensive…)
Basic NDA (less likely to scare someone off and gets the job done more or less)
Intent to Preserve (holds marines accountable to do all in their power to preserve W-Y property…the implications are obvious)
Liability (useful against survs + the CO/other superior officers in removing WY from any sense of responsibility over what occurs/occurred groundside)
Generalist Company Fax format
High Command generalist Fax format
HR Complaint format
Various forms for the CMO, construction permission, research journal, experiments
PMC Recruitment format (of a marine - this is illegal if a MP gets on your ass but can be done nevertheless lol…legally it’s useful for hiring Survs)
Pardon Form (for COs/MPs/prisoners seeking a pardon)

Some I helped with lol.
Guide to Paperwork - CM-SS13

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While the appeals have to be done in person, i play MP quite a bit, and i made paperwork that i use sometimes when i arrest someone, or someone been arrested (if i have the time and have not been called for other tasks). I fill it with the prisoner details, their crimes, description, name of MP that arrested him, evidence, etc. So when someone comes to handle the appeal, i just hand them the paper with all the information. Looks more professional, and it makes things easier for the person to handle the appeal. And we dont have to be asking over radio who arrested who what was the crimes what have they done etc in the middle of the appeal.

Maybe that can inspire you to do different paperwork as MP that can work nicely in a round


We love paperwork

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