Passive Larva income on ovi

Following the xeno nerfs recently I believe we need to balance a few things out.

Every 5-10 minutes queen is on ovi (could be longer) the xenos get 1 free larva.

  1. We need more incentives to encourage ovi gameplay
  2. Following the cap nerf and the roundstart xeno nerf the xenos are unable to do much if they lose enough xenos. Even with cap gameplay in full swing.
    If the hive has above 20 xenos this will automatically turn off and xenos will no longer passively gain larva.

This is honestly like larva surge but instead for ovi queen with the main idea of encouraging xenos to push aggressively even if they lose considerable forces. With also the possibility of reducing round timers.

What for would we need hijack-like no beno gives a shit about dying cause ALMOST-INSTA-RESPAWN allowing xenos to act like on WO and murderball metarush the FOB without giving marines the chance to reduce xeno numbers at all? We often get fifty minutes into the round FOB stomps anyways, I would even say, the round timer needs to be increased instead of being lowered even more so marines have to UNGA FAST DEPLOY without any briefing to get their thirty minutes murderballing.


So unless the marines have forced the queen off ovi she can just sit there with the hive backlining while getting free xenos without any effort? This is just giving the larva cap back with extra steps and even less effort on the xeno end, you should be rewarded for good plays and skill with caps, not get given them because you can sit watching the battlefield watching numbers tick up.


Yeah, I’m against this. Not only do xeno’s get more numbers while doing jack shit. Marines will also continue dying and getting capture.

If you want an ovi styled gameplay, then get a better queen. Something like a mutiny but for the hive, OR
xeno’s get a debuff once the queen is off ovi.


The “20” limit was just a suggestion. We can go as far as 5 with the hard limit from ovi free xenos. But I can see the huge issue of this suggestion now.

it works for greenos

I would say recycling (Xenos) corpses through the hive core could grant a larva at certain thresholds. Battlefields typically get littered with (Xenos) corpses and Research usually only needs a T1 to gain useful chemical effects.

In wars of attrition, recycling biomass at the hive core might be the best, lore-friendly answer but I doubt the popularity of such a mechanic.


While this idea is obviously flawed, xenos do need some more free respawns. The reason is that some castes are legit unplayable without dying. Try runner. You can be really good at the game for what it worth, but sooner or later someone will manage to PB you, burst you, flame you, slug you, sniper you or nade you. Without respawns this caste is outright not worth playing, and I don’t think it’s healthy for the game.

I do think recycling is a good idea, because it allows xenos to somewhat sustain numbers without actually growing them, which was the main problem with old bursting system: if xenos focused on capping via screech capping, they could grow in numbers and overwhelm marines quite easily.

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Everyone ever: Queen is unfun to fight against, her abilities need to be radically altered or outright removed

Someone else: Alright, here’s an extremely minor (1 larva every 5-10 minutes is incredibly miniscule, and if you’re going to argue otherwise, I’m going to call you retarded.) buff that’ll incentivize Queen’s to remain on their ovipositor. This’ll give Queen’s less reason to deovi (Being extremely capable at capturing and thus replenishing numbers) and open the gate to changing her combat abilities without outright crippling the xenos.

The very same people from earlier: HOW FUCKING DARE YOU.

Like, what do y’all want here? If you look at the primary reason Queens deovi (FOB siege, defending the hive when it’s under attack, and to capture when numbers are getting dangerously low) one of those is perfectly valid and this change will help address another. This isn’t a major buff, you can lose more xenos than that in a minute of average fighting, not even addressing if xenos get hit by airstrikes or get flanked. What exactly is the problem.

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