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**Yautja Application - Patriota654 **

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Do you have a regular character? If so - what’s their name?

Elliott losey/Hey (altough i play rarely as xeno)

Yautja Info:

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Clan 'Kthan

If minor: Give your clan lore.

The Kthan clan is one of the oldest and most respected clans among the Yautja people. They are known for their fierce independence and their unwavering commitment to their own traditions and beliefs. The Kthan are often regarded as the most honorable and noble of the Yautja clans, with a strict code of honor that they follow in all of their dealings with other species.

One of the defining traits of the Kthan is their deep respect for their ancestors and their history. They believe that their past is an essential part of their identity as a people, and they work hard to preserve their traditions and cultural heritage. This means that Kthan warriors are often deeply knowledgeable about Yautja history and lore, and they pride themselves on their ability to pass down this knowledge from generation to generation.

The Kthan are also known for their exceptional hunting skills, with a particular emphasis on the use of melee weapons and hand-to-hand combat. They believe that a true warrior must be skilled in all forms of combat, and they often eschew advanced technology in favor of more traditional weapons and tactics.

One of the most important rituals among the Kthan is the “hunt of the elder,” which is a rite of passage for all young Kthan warriors. During this ritual, the young warriors must track down and kill a specific type of prey that is designated by the elder of their clan. This is seen as a test of the warrior’s skills, as well as a way of proving their loyalty to their clan and their commitment to its traditions.

Despite their strict adherence to their traditions and their code of honor, the Kthan are not without their controversies. Some other Yautja clans view them as overly rigid and dogmatic, and there have been some tensions between the Kthan and other groups over the years. However, the Kthan remain steadfast in their beliefs and their commitment to their clan, and they continue to be one of the most respected and admired clans among the Yautja people.

Ba’ktar was born into the Kthan clan and was raised in the tradition of his people. He learned the lore and history of his people from a young age and was deeply committed to upholding the values of his clan. His experiences on his hunts and his encounters with humans helped him to refine his understanding of what it meant to be a true Yautja warrior, and he remained devoted to his clan and its traditions throughout his life.

Yautja Character Story:

Ba’ktar hunting journey

Ba’ktar was born into a family of respected Yautja warriors on the planet of Yautja Prime. From an early age, he showed a remarkable aptitude for hunting and combat, quickly outshining his peers and earning a reputation as one of the most promising young warriors in his clan.

As he grew older, Ba’ktar became increasingly fascinated with the idea of hunting the most dangerous prey in the galaxy. He was drawn to the thrill of the hunt, the challenge of tracking down and taking on creatures that were bigger, stronger, and more cunning than he was. He spent years studying the various species that inhabited the galaxy, learning their habits, strengths, and weaknesses, and honing his own skills and techniques.

Ba’ktar’s thirst for adventure and his desire to prove himself as a skilled and respected hunter led him to leave Yautja Prime and venture out into the wider galaxy. He traveled from planet to planet, seeking out the most challenging and dangerous prey, from the giant sandworms of Arrakis to the vicious xenomorphs that infested the abandoned space stations of the outer rim.

But despite his many successes and his growing reputation as a skilled and fearsome hunter, Ba’ktar began to feel that something was missing from his life. He had become so focused on the hunt that he had lost sight of the greater purpose behind it. He had forgotten that the Yautja were not simply predators, but also protectors of the galaxy, defenders against the greater threats that lurked in the darkness.

It was during one of his hunts that Ba’ktar’s perspective began to shift. He had been stalking a group of human survivors through a dense jungle, eager to take down his prey and add another trophy to his collection. But as he watched them from the shadows, something about them caught his attention. They were not like any prey he had encountered before. They were intelligent, resourceful, and brave, and they fought back with a ferocity that surprised him.

As the days wore on and the hunt continued, Ba’ktar began to feel a growing respect and admiration for the humans. He saw in them a kind of bravery and resilience that he had not seen in any other species before. They were not just prey to be hunted and killed, but worthy opponents who deserved his respect.

It was this newfound respect for the humans that led Ba’ktar to change his approach to hunting. He became more selective in his targets, focusing only on those who were truly a challenge and worthy of his skills. He also began to see himself not just as a predator, but as a protector of the galaxy, fighting against the greater threats that lurked in the darkness.

Over time, Ba’ktar became known as a more honorable and fair hunter, refusing to attack unarmed or innocent humans and even teaming up with them on occasion to take on greater challenges. He continued to travel the galaxy, seeking out the most dangerous prey and proving himself as one of the most skilled and respected hunters in the universe.

In the end, Ba’ktar realized that the hunt was not just about killing or proving oneself as a warrior. It was about testing oneself, about pushing oneself to the limit and finding one’s place in the wider galaxy. It was about becoming not just a predator, but a protector, a guardian of the galaxy against the greater threats that lay beyond. And with this realization, Ba’ktar found a new sense of purpose and meaning in his life, one that would guide him on his hunts for years to come.

might wanna work on that clan name buddy

Why? Is it already in use ?
Edit:i slightly modified the clan name (just in case)

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Just a question voicing the Council’s concerns, was this application’s story made using AI of some kind?


" giant sandworms of Arrakis?" We are not in the Dune Universe. This is very odd and very out of place. Also, the story reads like it was generated by AI.

Hello,english is not my first lenguage so it may seem stiff at times.about the worms,i tried my luck with a random beast.seems that i was unlucky
Ps: there are comics such as: predator vs batman and predator vs terminator. For all we know there might be gigantic worms in the alien universe,we already have a species of invasive 10 meters high bugs that can take over entire planets by themselves if given enough time (xenomorphs)and another alien species that altough advanced,likes to hunt using hand to hand weapons (yautja)

those are crossover comics, not in the canon, honestly you should used the predator extended universe, you could inspire in the AVP Extinction game.

Also from what I see this Story has been written by IA, I deeply recommend you to seek advices in the whitelist help channel at discord

Good Luck Next time.


As a minimum you are expected to make your own story, not rip off someone else’s or use chatgpt to do it for you, have a look at previous accepted applications to get a good understanding of how stories go rather than relying on AI

Welp,since the council has found my entire backstory to be unfit for the whitelist,i will withdraw it and perhaps retry in the future.

Per Sora:

"I apologize, but the Council has overwhelmingly determined that a significant portion of the application was constructed by an AI, or AI-adjacent program. I checked with multiple different programs, and they all said the same thing; most if not all of the content isn’t original. Combine that with you blatantly using another sci-fi property in your application tells me that you didn’t take this seriously at all.

The application is to be denied, and Management will determine if you are to be blacklisted from making further whitelist applications."

You can try again when eligible, also moving forward staff has decided if we catch anyone using Chat AI programs for the future, it will be a denial and instant blacklist from further WL applications.

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