PDT/L in MP Sec Vendor


This piece of equipment is actually uniquely beneficial to MP operations, but not game breaking in balance in any sense. In some ways it is simply a continuation of existing MP practices, using an existing tool that even squad marines have access to in limited numbers.

Functionally, the MP department is a small squad run with very hands-on officers and conducts minor to mission critical level operations on the ship. Often independent of one another in situations where mistakes or simple bad luck can result in death or severe injury.

In this context, a MP often needs to be located during a crisis (for a variety of reasons). With this piece of equipment, the MP departments have improved versatility in preparing for emergencies.

This isn’t even that far from current MP operations. Many of the more experienced MPs use the personnel monitor to determine locations of suspects, hurt individuals and even fellow MPs.

Difficulty of Suggestion?

Just add PDT/Ls to the sec vendors in Brig. Anywhere from like 10-14ish total.

Will PDT/Ls always be used? No. But neither do marines use it terribly much. The point is that it would be a interesting option for MPs to have access to which would be extremely beneficial in both general operations and in crisis. A niche tool. But a useful one.

Quick example scenarios of possibilities:

  • A CMP mandates that each MP wear a tracker on their person. The locators are labeled and placed in his office and can be referred back to during crisis.
  • Two members of the Dept. exchange PDT/Ls. Later, during a larva burst shipside, the locator is used to find one of the MPs who screamed for help but was killed before he could say where.
  • PDT/Ls are exchanged between a CO and the MP who will escort him.