Peepeepeeter - Job/Role Ban Appeal

Peepeepeeter - Job/Role Ban Ban Appeal

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Character Name?
Murphy ‘Murphs’ Major (Not the char i used when i got this ban)

Type of Ban?
Job/Role Ban

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Reason for Ban:
Roleplaying standards, marine law. As MP warden, acted completely inappropriatey for the role. Ordered a marine who wrote a graffiti against MPs first “flayed during briefing”, then “HUMILIATED infront of the dropship by droppin his pants”. Used a flashbang on green alert to arrest that marine. When a MP objected to above mentioned ‘NJP’, tried to arrest said MP for disobeying his orders. Fled groundside, was ordered to be arrested by CO. Tased some marines on the ground. When questioned about roleplaying standards for an officer, tried to justify it as “I was playing a quirked up officer”. In light of prior notes for lawbreaks as MP and griefing, escalated to a MP jobban. by segrain (Developer) on 2022-11-26 12:10:01

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Your appeal:
My bad for this one guys, i was really bored at the state of MP RP and at the time i dindt just want to go be another really uptight MP or the chill MP, to shake it up i wanted to be a comically evil MP and give out more NJPs than brig time. I plan to make the NJPs like the sort of shit you’d see in an 18th century naval warship, like very brutal and dehumanizing, but not lethal and would be quicker than a brig time.

I did not mean it very literally when i said he should be “flayed during briefing” it was an expression of words, i did not plan to kill him by flaying him alive, i only wanted to flog him infront of the entire battalion. I understand the other MP’s objection to this sort of punishment but at the time it was not very In Character of me to back down so i had to try and push the punishment trough, wich ended poorly and led to my character’s downfall.

I’m very sorry for my past behaviour, i promise that i wont play these types of characters again as it is not a good fit for RP that is expected within the ranks of the MPs (have to follow server rules) and wont repeat the same behaviour again. I now understand that as a leading figure in the MPs i should be more responsible and i shouldn’t give my underlings some batshit examples that could border on rulebreak as it could get them into trouble too.

I’ve given the Marine Law a thorough read again and as the XO i’ve handled some appeals before, to try an improve myself.



This appeal has been assigned to the administration team for review.

You have a very colorful note history, and some recent notes that raise me some concern. You want to improve, and I think that’s awesome, but you’re not showing it with this recent note history. You have a very memey character, and while that’s fine for some servers, CMSS13 really does try to maintain a semblance of the story, and immersion. The idea is to create an environment where people can expect others to maintain reasonable roleplay standards. If we are to readmit you and allow you to play as a military police, I want to know that you are going to add to that atmosphere, not detract from it. Do you have a plan for how you intend to play your character from here on out, anything specific you would change other than no longer being LRP?

I would establish my characters more by making backstories or notes for them that fits within CM’s lore and server rule (No cannibals or complete schizos), so i would be able to stay in character consistently. As for MPs specifically, i would make them be by-the-books and try not to hand out unconventional NJPs from the 18th century.

I would like to point out that i got some of these notes while RPing something that would make sense in that situation but was agaisnt server rules (that i was not aware or cleared up on at the time):

-Like the time i killed myself as the XO after the OP ended with complete failure (100% marine death before even 12:35). The crew were getting rowdy and the CMP was looking for me, i then expressed to the CIC staffs that i want to kill myself, at first i did not intend to actually do this because of the previous note i got (I still think that note was abit BS) but then the LtColonel CO took me to his room and encouraged me to do it, even giving me his mateba to shoot myself with (him being an LtColonel gave me assurance that i wouldnt get noted or banned because i expected him to know RP rules better than me. im not blaming him tho, we all forget the rules sometimes). I figured that the round was pretty much over anyways because there were less than 10 marines alive and hijack would mean a predictable marine wipe, plus it was RPed out pretty well. So i blew my own head off. An admin did not agree with my line of thinking, i did not argue with him much because i was bummed out at the time and by the way he writes, i can tell he was very resolute on banning me.

-There was also a time where i was playing an intelectualy challanged and cowardly PFC named “Jimmy ‘Runner’ Platoon” Who was stuck in a locked escape pod with 4 people inside: Jimmy, another PFC, the dead captain, and a guy in hypersleep. Outside, the xenos are desparately clawing and screeching, wanting to brutalize them. Hungry and knowing that launching a pod with 4 people is a death sentence, Jimmy began to eat the dead captain to reduce the weight in the pod (I did not know about cannibalism being lrp, i just tought that its bad if you gib people to do it) and was promptly hit with a 3 hour ban.

Also, my dossier is a shitpost that is not meant to be taken seriously (I have never mentioned my dossier backstory ingame IC) and look man, u also have your own character dossier with ridicilous amount of feats and titles :laughing:


I can tell you really thought this out, so that shows me you do wish to appeal. Seeing as that is the case, I am willing to accept this. I wish you the best of luck in the future, and remind that if you ever want to do anything “funny” that may not be within the rules, ahelp and ask if you can get an exception. That way you’ll stay outta trouble!

Appeal accepted.

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Thank you dude and i will keep that in mind haha.