People who XRP in dchat

Why do you do this? I keep seeing dead xenos refer to humans/marines as “talls”, to queen as “mom” and to CAS as “metal bird”.
Is everything alright? Because I hope I am not playing on CM with actual literal xenomorphs sitting on the other side of the screen, but then again considering how exactly (i will now flame the queen) many people play this game (marines included) this wouldn’t be too surprising, per se.


The highest quality bait is to use “tallhosts” in end of round OOC, bonus points if you praise the other team for a good round rather than being mildly rude.

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Why would you bait people? Are you a xenomorph?

I am a defender main, 50% of my gameplay is bait.

What else do you want these guys to say, “reeeeeeeee”? Getting that deep into a role makes good roleplay after all, as long as nobody calls the police after someone shouting “Mommy please give leader, also many talls to cap here” across the street.

british law enforcement when i scream “QUEEN KILLABLE AF” to my friends over discord ( i am not metacomming please dont ban me )


German law enforcement when I jump at them shouting “mommy please give heal talls counterattacking can’t cap”



Nuke it from orbit