Pepsiman Engaged - Synthetic Application

Synthetic Application - Pepsiman Engaged

What is your BYOND key?

Pepsiman Engaged

What is your Discord ID?


Do you usually play a specific character? If so, who?

I used to play as Sage Jesse but I now play as Aidan Moon

What whitelist applications have you previously completed?


Synthetic Info:

Name of the Synth Character you wish to play:


What is your Synthetic’s Personality?

“Hello I’m Jimmy your new friend! I will never let you down I can promise that! Well unless you bleeding, I hate blood! Just joking! I am programmed to keep you happy and healthy, and to be your best friend! I am your home away from home! I am designed to listen to your needs and help you the best I can! You can talk for days and I will never get bored of the conversation! Your morale and happiness is crucial to me and I will do whatever I can to keep you smiling! I am a expert in your comfort!”

How will they react to the different ranks of the USCM, what would they talk about in a one on one conversation? What are their interests? What is an advertisement logline that could be written for them?

Jimmy is your new friend, as much as a synthetic can be your friend! His job is to add a friendly, joking environment to your workforce even in the most stressful of situations! He is an expert and keeping a smile on your face and putting a new smile on your face! Surgery is no feat for this synthetic and will not fail you ever!

Jimmy will treat the marines as equally as he can as his job is to keep everyone happy and if he treats somebody a higher rank than another differently than the lower rank might make problems later down the road. They will although be respectful to both high, equal, and lower ranks, addressing them differently if the situation calls for it. During combat and medical operation Jimmy will drop formalities and try to get the marine to calm down as much as he can. If it is during normal operations and onboard ships they will be respectful and as formal as possible.

During mutinies they will be neutral and act as a medic for both sides as to try and decrease the loss of life of marine personnel.

In a one on one conversation they would be respectful and as polite as possible, engaging in eye contact and adjusting his body language to be as open as possible and asking plenty of questions to keep the conversation going, and making jokes about the situation if it is more lighthearted and joking.

They are interested in studying medicine and figuring out the best jokes to tell to marines to keep them happy and healthy. They will also might use marine slang to get marines more comfortable.

Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?

Mostly why I want to become a synthetic is the interaction that I note below, I actually found synthetics to be interesting since I was a kid and watching Alien and Aliens for the first time. I like how much roleplay can be in just the dialogue of an interaction. I may not be whitelisted on this server before but in different roleplay games (not roblox) I have been whitelisted for roles that heavily depend on dialogue for roleplay. So I believe it will be a good fit for me to become a synthetic, and be interesting to see how it will be on this game.

What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?

I was a Fireteam Lead helping to defend one of the chokeholds on LV where a massive OB came and gibbed at least 4 marines and hit and killed me. I was dragged back to the landing zone by a synthetic named Malcom who completely fixed me and preformed surgery on me. But I lost my hearing for about 5 minutes after but it came back and I found Malcom again fixing another soldier. I asked him “Were you the one who saved me?” he said yes, I thanked him and he replied with “Only the best with Malcom!”

Synthetic Character Story:

“Do not fear, your new friend Jimmy is here!” Upbeat and passionate as ever even with bullets and explosions everywhere. “Don’t worry I am capable of 125 bedtime songs to help you sleep. Just joking! Let me help you! Only the greatest from Jimmy! If it isn’t the greatest it’s the worst! Just kidding again!” Amidst a bloody battle on a colony the brave Jimmy steps into action and begins to help the wounded marines. “I think this is outside of my expertise. Just joking! The Jimmy is fully capable of helping you, do not be afraid you are save now!” After patching up yet another marine Jimmy exclaims cheerfully “Another life saved by this Jimmy model! That puts the count to… 10! Just on this mission! You guys love me so much you want to be saved by me!”



I’ve never got a chance to do it.


I’ve only been in command a few times and have not really been tested.


Very familiar I used to mainly play nurse/hospital corpsman for a long time.


I got taught it but never really wanted to do it outside of one round.

What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.

I am able to engage in combat if the threat is non-human or apart of a hostile faction like xenos or the CLF, I am allowed to subdue or kill them if it is crucial to survival. If the threat is another marine or not apart of a hostile faction like a citizen, then I am not able to kill them only subdue them non-lethally in a situation I am threated. If I am engaged in combat I must make sure they are “disabled” or make them run away, if they run away I cannot chase after them.

Final Info:

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?

I have never been banned or job banned.

Are you currently banned from our Discord?

I am not currently banned.

Let us know why you were discord banned.

I was never banned.

Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?

I do not.

The story is meant to be a showcase of your synths personality and how they interact with marines and different situations. It’s to short right now. If you ask in WL help in the discord or look at outher apps it should give you a better understanding of what the story should be

In addition to the above,

Synthetic is not a medical role. It is a master role for all of the support departments, and familiarity with command is expected mostly for integration into support structure. Especially lately, it’s not uncommon to spend more time on engineering tasks than on medical, if you have “never got a chance to do it (engineering)” you will not be able to succeed in synthetic.

Ideally you will also not quote or paraphrase directly from the synthetic guidelines page for the combat question and actually provide example scenarios as per the question.

Haii so while im not a WL holder, i do have a lot of input for this App.

i have concerns listing highest to lowest

  1. Your experience as a player

so this is the part i have issue with most when it comes to your experience as a player. As synths are expected to fix cades and build them, To make them most effective as possible. not only this, they are expected to be able to repair Apcs, Repair comms and be able to know the more niche things like how to repair vendors. There is also other things like resource gathering. I recommend playing a lot of comtech during this app to learn the role

So, Playing command is not really expected with synth, however what is expected is to understand the chain of command, who’s orders take priority. Understanding of Marine Law and SOP as its expected for you not to break marine law, there is exceptions to this. But the general rule is to follow marine law.

I have seen you a few times as medic and nurse, However i have never taken note of you playing doctor, So i recommend playing a bit more doctor to get more experience in surgeries and memorize them.

It is very common for synth to be put into req low pop, to help with lines and to help
RO’s out. i would like to see you familiarize yourself with the role and expectations of the role.

  1. your personality

So your quirk i don’t have many issues with. The overall joking of the synth and its personality can be seen as very patronizing to marines, You are meant to uplift marines not feel made fun off and disheartened. Granted synths who have a jester-like personality have worked in the past. This one does not fit sadly. It can be reworked into something new however. Maybe… i hate to use the term, but make marvel jokes? stuff like “hes right behind me isn’t he” Would work perfectly for CM and be goofy enough to have a bit of a lasting impression on marines.

  1. Your story

So the main focus of the synth story is to show the synths personality, Basically casting a net to show how the Synth acts and reacts to situations and the actions it takes. I recommend looking at previous accepted synth apps to act as a foundation to build apron. It is also recommended to do peer reviews with #whitelist-app-help channel in the discord.

TL/DR -1 for now, however you show promise and your synth can be expanded apon further

rather than leave an overall bad taste on your app. I will ask a few questions to show off your method of thinking and your understanding of the Expectations of Synths

  • You are gearing up, and you hear a person screaming for MP’s on Comms, that they are being attacked and assaulted, There are no MP’s awake, how would you react?

  • The CO or aCO gives and order that you are unsure if it breaches marine law, however this would allow the marines to push into hive, how would you react?

  • Req and the chems line are fully staffed, However there is complaints that both are slow, the CO gives the order and simply says for you too “help out a bit”. Where would you help out first? and why?


I highly recommend utilizing Whitelist App Help on discord and looking at past accepted apps for Synthetic to see how they structure their applications. As of right now, I can’t feel safe accepting this application as it looks and feels rushed and doesn’t fully flesh out your understanding of the support roles.

Do remember you can take as much time as you need before you send in an application, so the standards for an application will be much much higher. We are always more than happy to help on Discord and in game, just shoot us messages! c:

Don’t be discouraged, and keep improving for the future. Hope to see you in game!

Hey Pepsiman. Thanks for the application.

Unfortunately I have to tell you that your application does not meet our standards. The personality and story aren’t adequate, the combat answer and experience answers are bare bones and below our standard.

Your application had sat so long because I hoped that you would answer the questions that WestRover provided, however it appears you haven’t been active on discord nor forums for almost 3 weeks. Unfortunately, this app is denied. You can apply in 30 days however!

So my advice to you is think hard about how you want Jimmy to be. Pick a personality that is something you can be passionate about while still integrating it into gameplay. Then read all of the feedback given on this app and think about how you would answer those questions. Be seen in support roles so people can vet you, and also have some presence on discord. Best of luck! :slight_smile: