Petition to remove Bone Gel PR

This PR adds nothing of value to the gameplay loop. It was pushed by a staff member in spite of negative feedback, and is now fully merged into the game.

A few things I want to say right off the bat. Firstly, WO only has a single Bone Gel machine, which is in the bunker medbay. There are no machines in any of the southern bunkers, only the main northern one.

This adds nothing to groundside medical. All it does is make the deploying doctor take two bottles of bone gel, leaving one OR on the Almayer without any. If one runs out, they send it back up to have it sent back down. What does this accomplish? Nothing at all. It is just an annoyance for deployed doctors, and if more than one doctor deploys, it makes the situation on the ship even worse.

Feel free to share your opinions below.


I think its pretty based of the maintainers if they added it in spite of negative feedback

  1. Wrong section, correct one would be Ideas Guys laid out as an idea to revert it.
  2. Whiskey Outpost is irrelevant as it is Hardcore by default.
  3. Your information is completely incorrect, Medbay has 3 extra bone gel containers in storage. Bringing the total amount of Bone Gel containers to 8.
  4. I’d argue that part of the reason this PR was merged, was to stop marines consistently stomping Xenos on High Pop and encourage them to value their life.
  1. Policy Feedback is for rules and what not IIRC
  2. Whiskey Outpost might be hardcore, but you can still break a bone but be alive.
  3. All I see are Anesthetic closets. Don’t see bone gel anywhere.
  4. That could be done in a multitude of different ways. Deaths could cause organ damage, Dying could apply debuffs, ETC. This doesn’t encourage marines to value their lives more. It is just a needless hassle for doctors.
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Well, just cause you don’t see the bone gel containers does not mean they’re not there. It’s literally opposite the wheelchair storage area. Aside from that, requisitions can procure an extra surgery set for 3K. I don’t understand why people are making a huge deal over a PR that effectively nerfed itself by adding 3 more bone gel containers to medical storage.

Both maintainers and staff members have implied or clearly stated that CM is not a democracy, even if the PR had 20 something downvotes and a couple upvotes it was merged.


Because its a PR that does nothing but contrive a role through annoyance.


Marines have no choice but to risk their lives in order to attack and overcome the xenomorphs, it’s a fact of the game. Risk is a part of the game, but you are inevitably going to suffer increasingly compromising injuries just from being near the frontline. All it takes to suffer a fracture (or god forbid a delimb) is one combat caste getting two slashes off and a small amount of bad RNG.

Personally, all I feel this change has done is make the process of repairing injuries more tedious and annoying. Mechanically speaking it’s not too difficult to keep resupplied with fresh bone gel but the fact is you are going to still need to do these surgeries one way or the other.

I don’t know what a proper and effective solution to marine attrition is, but this change is just annoying.


This is what I am trying to say. It is not an EFFECTIVE change. It doesn’t do a good job of what it was intended to do.

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It has very successfully (as far as I’ve seen) made synths stop repairing every single frac, so it’s not a total failure.

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I wonder how much Synthetics doing bone repair influenced the change to bone repair gel, perhaps one too many Synths were seen fixing bones just behind the frontline.

I believe the intended reason for the change was to add a logistical strain to groundside medical, but if the actual intended reason was to nerf frontline surgery, then I feel a far better solution would’ve been to just make bone repair restricted to special surgical beds that can only be perma-deployed in the FOB akin to medical scanners, as well as the regular surgical tables in medical areas.

So the hierarchy of surgery goes

Field Surgery to fix IB
FOB Surgery to fix Bones and Organs
Almayer Surgery for Infections and for extreme cases

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Now I have had my opinions about all of the changes of CM. This is a stupid an ineffective PR. Just look at the Research Rework people are working on. They are removing the PICT System. All of the changes that is happening CM development is working on nerfing marines, so they have to go back to the ship. I firmly believe that the changes are being made because some sat in medical and got bored and mad a cope PR as it is called.

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Maybe we should add a captcha to bone fix surgery steps if we want medical gameplay to be annoying


I fursonally have stopped fixing any non-chest fracs. A single chest/organ damaged patient uses 10% assuming you do nothing else. Using metal is not viable in a lot of map areas. I personally could not find a single metal sheet anywhere remotely nearby in one round on the east side of Soro.

I think PRs should not increase frustration but rather balance around other means. This one not only increases frustration for those doing surgery but heavily punishes something (surgery) that decreases frustration for all players. Xenos never need to leave the front to heal but Marines engaged in fights lasting more then a few moments are now heavily penalized.


It’s not just an issue of the medics/synths, the playerbase will say something like “im not pushing with 3 fracs” and then go back to FOB, marines got no soul

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Because even a wet fart can break your splints, but also there are now definetly not meta lesser drones, a disposable grief tool with tail stab that will meta your fracs and break your splints in one fuckin hit


true lmao, ive lost count of the amount of times i’ve seen someone say “damn this medic is getting their shit rocked” to then see like four lesser drones come out of the core, hop in a tunnel and run to the medics location swinging the tail.

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my favourite pastime: open some faroff cade entrance next to medics and count how long it would take for a lesser drone to meta that exact spot


setup your turret facing the wrong way and they be on it in a heartbeat, lessers SUCK, also mute them and facehuggers never have they ever said anything of merit.


When a hugger or lesser exploring away from the front where they can’t do jack shit organically finds something interesting:
ahelp: “Xenocord UAV ban he!!”