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Amanita muscaria, which smells slightly earthy, the classic toadstool mushroom with a red cap and white dots, is highly toxic, and will kill you if you eat it.

Whereas Clathrus archeri, which smells like rotting flesh, and looks like an alien egg from hell, is non-toxic and entirely edible, although it probably wouldn’t be pleasant.


Did you know Queen Victoria was born before Napoleon died only for her to die in 1901?
One of the oldest Voice recordings is from Helmuth von Moltke the Elder born 1800.
The first United States President to be photographed was Andrew Jackson. He was out of office at the time.


The chocolate and hazelnut confection gianduja, the artisan inspiration for Nutella, was named after a mid 19th century Italian carnival character named Gianduja. Because the character was a stereotype of someone from Piedmont, where hazelnut confections are common


Did you know the only one of Napoleons siblings to be photographed was his youngest, Jerome.


Did you know the Duke of Wellington was photographed late in life. Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington - Wikipedia


Did you know the earliest person to be photographed was in 1832? Daguerreotype - Wikipedia


Dirt doppler aka mud daubler are a species of parasitic wasp. They use there paralytic sting on spiders and fill there dirt nest with them so they can be eaten by the wasps larva. I think the spiders are still alive when this happens. Despite this they apparently do not sting people very much. They apparently prefer to abandon a nest instead of defend it. It might be the closest thing to xenos in real life.

okay this might only be a fun fact from a certain perspective.

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Did you know the commonly held belief (what am I saying, who the hell these days even learns about the Napoleonic era) that Napoleons ‘Old Guard’ who had never been defeated in battle, were routed by the British through volley fire is simply a propaganda lie?

Napoleon had only committed the ‘Young’ and ‘Middle’ Guards to punch through the British lines. Who did indeed buckle under both the withering fire of massed rank volley fire, and upon the spreading news of nearby Prussian Cavalry.

The ‘Old Guard’ by contrast were held in a rear guard action to cover the retreating French Army. Formed into square formations and surrounded on all sides, they were killed to a man after refusing to surrender.

You are at Waterloo and you are The Old Guard

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Did you know that on January 24th 1961, a B-52 bomber broke up over North Carolina, carrying 4 nuclear warheads? One of the bombs had 3 of 4 safety interlocks disengaged when it fell and impacted the ground, the only thing stopping it from detonating was the SAFE/ARM switch was set to safe? A second bomb also nearly detonated, this time prevented due to a high voltage switch being stuck open. It’s arming switch was set to ‘ARM’.

We nearly blew up North Carolina. Now you know.

Did you know the causing lead to the ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’ was because America had placed nuclear missiles in Turkey and Italy? As the US had already funded a failed insurrection in Cuba, Fidel Castro was more than willing to allow the Soviet Union to station their own missiles there as a parallel action.

It was not circulated in the US at the time that as a condition of removing the missiles from Cuba, they would also have to remove their missiles from Turkey, which was thought of as seeming to give in to the Soviets.

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Did you know that while the US is noted as the first country to break the sound barrier, (going supersonic) it was the UK that designed and researched the technology needed to produce the aircraft needed for such an achievement?

As an exchange for joint research and development of such technology, the UK entered into an agreement with the US to share the details they had both discovered until that point to further both their projects. This included the UK research team being made to hand over their prototype jet which was 2 weeks away from being field tested, to the US. However the US renegaded on their agreement and handed over no details or research in return.

The jet which the US used to break the sound barrier was therefore very similar the design of the UK’s provided prototype.

Did you know that Nuclear reactors are still only producing energy via the heating of water into steam? The idea of using steam power to generate energy by various means (moving turbines etcetera) has been around for hundreds of years and is therefore still a rather primitive source of energy.

Additionally, while the process may seem safe compared with the carbon emissions of fossil fuels, it produces radioactive material which must still be stored to ensure they do not contaminate the atmosphere and local soils. This process takes takes thousands of years and concerted effort to ensure it does not leak out, before they are rendered non toxic to life.

Did you know that my “fun facts” don’t actually sound very fun at all…?

While interesting and certainly an advancement, did you know that this process is still a matter of turning water into steam?

One manner of producing an unlimited (in terms of the ability to ensure it is sustainable) source of energy is via tidal power. It is known that the tides go in and they go out, the ocean currents shift the waves without fail. While solar panels rely on the sun, and turbines rely on the wind, tidal power along our coasts does not relent. So why then do we not invest in generators to harness such power.

As it seems the Moon has an impact on this, I think if it were to suddenly dissapear or crash down to Earth, I think we would have larger issues at hand than trying to generate enough energy to supply out needs.

Did you know within the military while the commanding Captain of the ship is always referred to as Captain, if a Captain from the Army is aboard, they are referred to as Major.

Fun fact: Nuclear energy is complety safe to use and store and produces almost no waste and is complety safe and is very easy and safe to store and the non-existent waste is safe too, but when it should be stored in front of my door, I become very angry and am soon in every comedy show because I am that angry, because I don’t want to radiate with twenty sieverts after a mouse chewed a leak into the tank.

Did you know one of the first uses of a combat aircraft by the US was on striking coal miners in 1921.

Did you know that in the 1930’s Big businesses tried to coup the governement? to do this they asked former marine general Smedley Butler to gain support of the military ironically smedley was critical of business that tried influencing us foreign policy so the coup of course failed due to lack of support from the military and smedley telling congress about the plans

Did you know that Bowling green Kentucky is named that because of how flat it is. Which apparently made it easy to play this outdoor bowling like game. You might look the place and think thats weird cause its not extremally flat in a lot of areas. However compared to west Virginia where founders where from its very flat.