Player Reports

Click here to report. For reports against players.

Player Report Rules

  1. Be respectful at ALL TIMES. You may be angry about the situation, but you need to remain CALM AND COMPOSED.

  2. You must fill out all fields to the best of your ability. The Round ID is required, not including it may result in your report being denied without further investigation.

  3. Understand, that it may take up to 24 hours to begin the investigation process. The more logs and screenshots of evidence you can provide the better.

  4. FALSE accusations may be met with YOU getting punished instead of the accused.

  5. You may not make an report for another player if they were the victim of a rule break. The exceptions to this rule is if you are reporting a player for a Whitelist violation (CO Standards/SOP, Synth Guidelines, Predator Honorcode) CO Battlefield Execution reports may only be made by the player who was executed if they feel it was not right/improper. Predator Honorcode violations may only be reported by the person if they believe they were the victim of being an invalid hunt target.

  6. Reports may only be made for violations that have occurred within 48 hours of when it had taken place. Anything beyond that is null and void, and also you may only make a report for violations in that time frame. No reports or evidence making allegations of rule breaks going beyond that time frame will be accepted.

  7. Reports should not be made if a staff member had already investigated the issue and determined it was not a rule break. The decision is final, and there is no second guessing or “Monday morning quarterbacking.” More over, do not player report someone if there was a rule break and you do not agree with the punishment. Staff follow a set of escalation guidelines, and determine the punishment for rule breaks. Do not make a report if you don’t want a punishment, and think if a rule needs to be changed, that should be bought to the attention of management via the message form or a discussion on discord.

  8. Be patient, a staff member will be assigned to the report eventually. Do not try to bump it.

  9. Manager decisions are final and binding in relation to player reports.

Player Report Forum Rules

  1. Do NOT post in a report if you are not contributing as a witness. If you do post keep it simple and easy to read. You should not be giving opinions, and are only to post facts related to the allegations. Witnesses should only post about what happened/occurred during the round the alleged violation took place. Not what happened in previous rounds or past encounters

  2. Reports are not a place for the accused to debate with the person making the report, the only thing the accused should do is post his/her side. Not point fingers at the person making the report.

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