Please don't disable latejoin after hijack

Writing it here because it’s PR made by Forest himself:

Whenever someone latejoins during hijack, be they a new player or some veteran, they immediately become the dchat’s hero and sometimes they can accomplish some things, like escaping on the ERT shuttle, or killing some xenos. It’s just a small thing that makes the rounds fun.

Feeding xenos after hijack is also unimportant because they already get their larva printer and no use for the caps anyway.


policy feedback isn’t for prs, it’s for server administrative policy. this should be in Ideaguys

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I just believe this to be more of a policy issue than a game design one, because enabling or disabling this is trivial technically.

nope, if it requires a code change, there’s no policy oversight. if it was a config setting, it would be policy. the separation between the codebase and server is absolute etc

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