Please give survivors access to all the doors on the ground

For some reason survs had much of their access removed, depending on their role. I’m assuming this was done since it would make sense that a civilian wouldn’t have access to the armory. However, this situation is a real pain in the ass for survivors, since it leads to them getting stuck and cut off a lot of the time, and I’d argue it doesn’t necessarily make sense from a realism. It would make sense for the colony leader to remove access restrictions, similar to what happens in vanilla ss13 when you get a blob or a nuke ops round. If you’re facing an enemy that can just tear doors open, then it doesn’t make much sense to keep your doors access locked if all they do is restrict the movement of the colonist while not restricting the xenos at all.

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Okay but that’s survival horror for you.

It’s also that that you guys work together. You need Bob the security agent to open the door to marshals, you need Susan from medical to open up medbay, you need Jim from engineering to open up engineering.

Plus if the infestation set in fast, they probably did not have time to scan your card to change your access. Remember that shipside has a card scanner where they have to scan your ID to change your access, probably the same down below.

In short, work with your team, and if Bob the security agent is locker hiding…well I’m sorry.

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Even if bob the shitsec agent is lockerhiding, there will often be plenty of windows to smash. Walking around in a fully functional colony where all doors are fully functional and all-access too somewhat destroys the “Monsters are attacking my town and destroying everything”-feeling.

Remember in Alien Isolation when our main character just left with the flight recorder twenty minutes in because she had all access? Yeah, it was an interesting choice by the developers :3


Playing survs right now is more “horror” and barely any “survival” because 90% of the time, you will never make it out if you choose to fight.

On smaller maps like LV and Kutjevo, by the time you and your teammates get your bearings, there will already be runners on your tail, and many more in the next 2 minutes.

If you choose to wander, your group will be picked off one by one because they got shit endurance (compared to old survs) and can’t instantly use injectors, if you choose to build cades, it will be quickly invalidated by a single defender steel cresting infront of your cade and most of the times, you have nothing to counter it with.

Survs are already nerfed to the fucking ground as it is (by people who i’m willing to bet, rarely plays the role). So i think its great for survs to get a small buff like this.

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This is fundamentally incorrect, seeing that runners cannot evolve mechancially for awhile. I’m sure you can pull the PR for the exact time. I think its like 10ish minutes after you spawn in. If it takes 10 minutes to understand where you’re at, I have no idea what to tell you.

Now on LV, you legit have survivors in secure just sitting there until T3s or the queen decides to break into it; which is around 12:19. IF the marines land at 12:21, go to the usually spot you will be revived unless you are capped. Secure is stupidly easy for survivors to survive in.

Kut, they just run to LZ2 and sit in the corner because there’s no weed support.

Chance Claim, they used to just sit on the LZ because most of it could not be weeded but they ended up putting fog around it; which is what should happen on every map.

Survivor was never intended to be easy, it’s supposed to be hard.

If you are new, survivor specifically says its not new player friendly; so if it takes someone 10 minutes to figure out where they are going that probably means they do not know the map and its probably too early for them to play survivor.

Kindly remember that survivors are civilians. You are a priest, you are a doctor, you are a mall cop, you are a teacher, you are a truck driver, you are an engineer, you are a bartender. None of these are military roles that should have had endurance in the first place. You are civilians, with civilian training. That’s the rp. The larp if you would. What went wrong in dev a long time ago is that they tried to make them marsoc without the stims and weaponry.

Please remember SURVIVORS ARE CIVILIANS. They aren’t military personnel.

Stop the cope about them not having endurance, great weaponry, etc. I as a civillian do not have a sentry gun, molotovs, tact shotties, double barrels, lunge mines, sniper riftles, etc etc sitting around in my house; nor do I know anyone that does except maybe the odd doomsday prepper.


ID locks on doors were added prior to survivors having their skills sent to hell, ID locked doors were implemented with the idea in mind that the average survivor could hack through those doors.

Now however only about 1/5 survivors can actually hack through a door if they don’t have access, if you don’t you end up having to shoot the door down, wasting the small amount of ammo you have (hoping you actually spawned with a weapon).

Another issue with ID locked doors is the fact that there are multiple spawns that just spawn you inside of a room that you can’t leave without hacking or having access to, effectively forcing you to use all your ammo or sit there hoping someone comes to free you before a xeno finds you.


Survivor is supposed to be hard.

Complete access makes no sense outside of an administrative role for survivors. CL’s should have total access but it makes little sense for a doctor to be allowed near the generators. It makes even less sense for a civilian with no job title (new hire?) to be allowed into every door on a colony.

Restrictions make sense and there are obvious ways around them. Letting survivors into every area just because they live/work adjacent is a very non-narrative option.

Now if Survivors could bypass access with a keycard or hand scanner, that’d be interesting. Just drag a corpse to the door and smack their palm on a reader. That might up the ante but it’s largely a moot idea since you’re either traveling in groups with others or you can just crowbar open a door. Or break a window.

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Okay I agree with most of these but the Janitor shouldnt spawn in the locked down corporate area with no way out and no other corpo or engie roles, and sometimes not enough guns to shoot out.