the Wiki has A MASSIVE problem, the UI that they show is not what is the UI in game… this is a big issue as new players to the game or to the role will look at it and realize that it does not match. this can ruin a game for everyone or a role for player, also some info is majorly missing from Wiki or is hard to find.

this can hurt or even drive away a player… the Wiki is used as a player guide, if it is not updated or complete then how do we know how to play?

I want this Server to thrive and i love the crazy that can happen, i want more players and want to be a teamplayer but i lost all confidence in a role because nothing looked the same…

Please consider this request


If there is a serious issue you have regarding the wiki your best bet is to join the CM Discord and make a comment in the Wiki-work channel

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this guy’s going to fall over dead when he realizes how many gifs of old sprites are in the new player guide.


when you do it


I frequently contribute to the wiki, at time of writing I have 87 edits currently. I even made the CBRN ERT page.

Want to know why we still have old images and gifs? Because the point is still there. It gets its message across despite how old it is. There is no point in replacing something that still does what it’s supposed to well.

My first ever job on the wiki was removing an outdated gif (sniper decapping, it used to not have IFF). If it has outdated, missing, or incomplete information…

Tell us in our god-motherfucking-damn discord channel Wiki-Work. Point it the hell out. We’re not neighbourhood watch constantly looking around the wiki for a missing period. We can’t fix it, if we don’t know about it.


if you want the wiki to be updated, be the change you want to see in the world. anyone can edit it, and you already have an account - as it uses your forum account



you forgot to add an asterisk.

Screenshot 2024-03-27 122829
Or is it just some weird stuff that anyone with a forum account is a “trusted” user?

Edit: I just answerd my own question. Seems like you just need a forum account to be a “trusted” user.
I just keep this here incase someone gets confused like i did.
Although it is hard for others to achive that level of confusion.


this is the details on how trusted works


If I remember correctly the sprites for xenos at least are intentionally left outdated because of the 1984-esque Mouse with his legal department

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Mouse will sue your ass. He needs the money.