Please welcome noah to our community.

Yesterday evening our wonderful community member noah had joined and posted in our community. I would like to extend them a warm welcome to join us all and I would love for you to all do the same.

Welcome, noah.


always great to see new community members getting involved in the whitelists!

@noah Hey there :wave: I see you’re new to CM - feel free to talk to one of our helpful Mentors if you need anything - they’re SEAs in game.

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fuck you motherfuckers


Watch out I heard he’s a bit of a griefer. If he ever throws up a WL app make sure to -1 it


least confusion acidgoop

hello noah :slight_smile: i hope you enjoy the game :slight_smile:


welcome Noah!! If you ever have any questions you can always ask the mentor team we’re willing to help <3

We hope you enjoy your stay

"Blah blah make more of a name for yourself blah blah. "


Welcome noah, I hope you enjoy the game. Our friendly mentors are always happy to help. They’re SEAs in game!

ty melody im so glad to be here, im so glad i havent met anybody who is polish here :heart:

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welcom, tip: some guns got bust fire more!! :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:

Another welcome tip: Just use two guns with burst fire, even better. Ignore the shaking, all UNGAs play with blindfold anyways. For better UNGA performance, mount some FLAMMENWERFERs onto the guns too.

Oh man it is that Noah guy. Welcome to the community man.