Pneumothorax - Synthetic Application

Synthetic Application - Pneumothorax

What is your BYOND key?

What is your Discord ID?

Do you usually play a specific character? If so, who?
I play RTO Hibiki Morikawa and Crew Chief Brooklyn Roach

What whitelist applications have you previously completed?
No whitelists yet.

Synthetic Info:

Name of the Synth Character you wish to play:

What is your Synthetic’s Personality?
Paramedic is a Seegson midline medical first response synth and lacks a traditional personality to appeal to those who do not wish to have ‘Human like’ traits. The intention of Paramedic was to produce a cheap synth available to the Military to fulfill the duties of a Hospital Corpsman, Nurse, or Doctor with the efficiency and loyalty of an ideal Marine while also fulfilling civilian duties like EMS, Hospital staffing and medical clinic assistants.

How will they react to the different ranks of the USCM, what would they talk about in a one on one conversation? What are their interests? What is an advertisement logline that could be written for them?
Paramedic first and foremost is a medical service synth. Their programming HEAVILY emphasizes duty over all. Paramedic is proof-of-concept model produced in relatively low numbers.

“Seegsons ‘Paramedic’ line! A synth to rival even the most professional of doctors!”

Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?
I primarily want access to a Working Joe, seeing as they are the most interesting and seemingly fun to play synthetic in the Aliens universe due to their mass production and commercial style to them. I also would like to have a synthetic character to be able to assist medical as a medical focused synthetic.

What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?
I’ve seen a few good Synthetics, though they are pretty rare to come across. I don’t have a specific interaction in mind, but the general and overall competency and adherence to roleplay standards of the whitelisted synthetic players has been pretty positive overall.

Synthetic Character Story:
The Paramedic line of Seegson synthetics had recently been greenlit to deploy aboard USCM Military vessels. This specific unit, designated Paramedic-3114, has began their shift. Paramedic enters the medbay to find a group of enlisted Hospital Corpsman standing around and chatting before an upcoming op. As soon as the synthetic enters, all eyes are on them as one of the Corpsman speaks toward them.

“Eh. Hey guys, check it out. One of the new Seegson bots. Kinda’ looks like a Joe, don’t he?”
The Marine gestures to his friends.
"Greetings, Corpsman. I am Paramedic Thirty-one-fourteen. You may call me ‘Paramedic’. ", the synthetic states, bowing politely forward.
The Marine snorts looking around to his friends.
“Nuhuh, wicked. Can you make chems like the doc’s? There ain’t none that aren’t busy right now and we need some meds.”
“Of course, Corpsman. I can produce a wide range of therapeutic medications for field use. Allow me to prepare some for you now.”, the synthetic trails off toward the chemistry lab to begin the task requested of them.


I can help set up FOBs pretty well, I know how to fix comms on the ground and do the majority of repairs on the ship.

I understand the job of an SO. Dialing in OBs, handling distribution of Squad Lead roles and giving general orders in lieu of actual command.

Medical is what I know the best of all of these. I can do chem, surgery and what’s needed for Corpsman.

Req is pretty easy. Handing out what marines want at beginning around and making sure the FOB kit is sent as well as keeping the marines supplied on the ground.

What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.
A synthetic being cornered by a Xeno/Pred/Hostile of any sort and being attacked could retaliate. But as soon as their attacker runs off, or is otherwise incapable of fighting them they are to disengage. A synthetic should always attempt to flee if there is a threat. Fighting is a last resort.

Final Info:

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?

Are you currently banned from our Discord?

Let us know why you were discord banned.

Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?

Check your combat answer

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I’ll go top to bottom

Names- Synthetics are expected to have relatively normal human first or last names. They are not named according to their posting.

Personality- There is a key concept issue here. Seegson’s Working Joes are not synthetics in the sense of an artificial person. They are android robots. The big difference is in their mental architecture. Robots can’t really think, they react to things according to program that is rigid and non-adaptive. Synthetics are able to problem solve and change parts of their code dynamically to deal with new situations. Consequently this is why synthetics have to be given regular maintenance, because over enough time the more stable core programming tenets for things like “do not harm your allies” get eroded and they can become just as free to act as any human. Seegson never developed anything further than the Joes before going out of business. There are a lot of other manufacturers of synthetics though, and some even were made for the purposes you describe. They all still utilize the full artificial personality, however, in order to facilitate patient comfort and diagnostics.

Story- For a story we are looking for a pretty good chunk of writing interactions and dialogue from the character. Typically 2-3 pages worth, so most people use a google doc to link.

Combat- When/if you re-apply, I would suggest looking at some of the more fringe cases. Learn about Delta Alert conditions, difference between front, backline, transit, and FOB, that kind of thing. Parroting a blanket statement will get you in trouble because it doesn’t apply to all situations.

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I’m going to go ahead and close this. I don’t feel like writing multiple paragraphs of info. The only reason I made this app is to play a WJ, otherwise I have little interest in making a normal synth tbh.

Application closed by player request.