Pog champs Enthusiast - Whitelist Report: Qor'njok Teer, on the frontline of xenos and marines

Pog champs Enthusiast - Whitelist Report: Qor’njok Teer, on the frontline of xenos and marines

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Pog champs Enthusiast

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couldnt get there byond key

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Qor’njok Teer

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on the frontline of xenos and marines

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on the front on xeno side repeatedly dragging xenos back or otherwise engaging in combat with them, generaly being a nuisance on the frontline like tossing runners and poking ravagers. without provacation and any prior combat before showing up to frontline would fight them. also setting up a lodge admittedly pretty close to frontline, although it didnt block any chokes or block off a huge chunk of the map, just being 15 or so tiles from frontline when they started constructing.



Hi, I am not sure what this report is talking about. The round ID you have submitted is the currently ongoing round, and I haven’t been hunting for any of the pred rounds I’ve played in the last 24 hours, just building lodges. I don’t believe I am the proper subject of your report.

would it be uahtan ktal’t then? I am terribly sorry if so, as a xeno i cant see hunter names and yall have the exact same armor

I don’t know, sorry, and if it is I’m not at the liberty to say due to the ongoing round. You can ahelp and ask though.

Wait until a round is finished before submitting a report.

I gotta hop off right now and I didnt want to forget or lose this info

Round over.

As I said I’m Qor’njok and I played in the same round, and since you are also reporting the lodge which I built I will touch on that. Attached is a tacmap of the map. I marked where the hive was, the LZ is obvious since it’s center south, and I marked where the lodge is along with the front. The lodge is quite literally the phyiscal furthest point from the frontline possible, along with furthest possible from the hive and from the LZ, so I’m not really sure how it’s an issue.

Hi hello, I was the Yautja that you engaged with. The one who set up the lodge is another Yautja.

I would like to explain how given the tightness of the map I was restricted to the Eastern wing of the station. My general intent was to point at a xeno I wanted to fight and if they didn’t run then I’d engage them. I did this as a forewarning of “Hey I’m picking you to fight.”

I was also confining myself to the eastern side of a resin wall so that way I would be adjacent to the front rather than directly engaging with it. As for the Xenos, I was fighting, the main thing I made sure to do was that they were at full or very near full health before engaging. And even after fighting them my intention was only to pain crit them and then leave them in the weeds to recover. So with the Ravager, I would point to let them know I was going to fight it but as it mainly stayed west of the resin doors I didn’t engage it unless it crossed over the doors.

As for tossing the runner, I had disengaged from combat with the sentinel and I was trying to heal away from Xenos when it kept bumping into me and stopping the windup. The runner continuously did this and would lie down to avoid me hitting it because of the Stun Hitting Clause. Due to this I would choke hold the runner and give it a swirlie or throw it against a window in multiple attempts to get it to leave. Multiple times the runner bumped me when the group of Xenos came in to witness my throwing the runner. As my efforts to get the runner to leave did not work I simply cloaked and left due to the situation.

Lastly, while I did stalk the Ravager when it was close by I did not engage with it but merely watched as the frontline approached the eastern hallway. (This is after the group of Xenos and the runner situation)

All together, as per the Front-Line Clause of the HC I stayed in line of focusing on the Ravager as long as it met the parameters I set myself to, stuck towards using melee, and (in my opinion) was not on the frontline but close to it. (Although admittedly close) And as for the runner, bumping me as I was trying to heal and resting as to not get harmed was scummy which is why I was tossing them.

For reference the redraw “Front” line is where the front was at the time of this going on and the red circle was my location.

Added report:pred