poisonforwin - Yautja Application

Yautja Application - poisonforwin

What’s your BYOND key?


What’s your Discord ID?


Do you have a regular character? If so - what’s their name?

Mia ‘Cassing’ Poisonous / MIA-##

Yautja Info:

What’s the name of your Yautja?


What clan are you joining?


If minor: Give your clan lore.

Yautja Character Story:


I think Mia is up for the job, I can’t really say anything else.
Mia for the longest time has been one of the individuals I look up to and I think they deserve this whitelist.

As for the story, I really like how this one actually makes you want to read. Usually when I read predator stories I either sleep halfway through or just don’t bother reading anything after the first 2 lines. The very specific details really help with getting the scenery into your head, +1 to the story.


some questions for you

there is a synthetic groundside, your gear tracker is telling you that they posses a piece of yautja gear. how would you approach them?

there is a corpsman with a clan mask on their face, and they are currently busy reviving/healing marines. they are close to FOB, and as far as you know, marines are about to evacuate. what do you do?

you are hunting and actively attacking a marine, but instead of fighting back they just stand doing nothing. your actions?

  1. I’d talk to it first, since synths are literally metal slaves and couldn’t be stunned. If synth wouldn’t give gear back - deactivate it and retrieve the gear.

  2. Gear recovery is important, but not a top priority if gear located at the Fob/Hive, moreover you are not allowed to fully engage medics. I would check how many Yautjas present, if there is more i would ask for help, but anyway i’d wait for evacuation for future gear recovery on the Almayer solo or not.

  3. Simply i wouldn’t engage a lone marine first. I’d threat them and depends on the answers decide what to do, but in general if they are not actively attacking me/haven’t attacked in the past - there is no point to engage.


Solid +1.

Knowing Mia personally for quite some time I can safely say that she won’t disappoint Yautja WL. She’s a good addition to it and I believe she can uphold WL’s standards.


Seen them plenty of times, not a shitter, know what they doing

Easy +1


+1 from me

you are a pretty good fighter and a good rper, I don’t think you will have a bad behaviour or do anything controversial.


I’ve known Poison for a while now and my interactions with them both IC and OOC has been nothing but positive ones, skills wise they’re one of the people I’d consider actually good against xenos and preds alike as I’ve watched them duel many of both so far.

Personality wise, though Mia has been plenty quiet when I first knew them, but recently that seems to have changed which now lets me +1 this app in good faith as I have no worries that it’ll affect them if they get the whitelist.


Why isn’t this person accepted as a whitelisted member already smh. Get them in NOW!!!


EDIT: I realized I should add a reason. Simply put, the user can be trusted, can frag, nice to know in person and I’ve literally seen them interact in friendly competition with other councilors. Sooo there should be no more wait on this in my opinion. Get them in now!!!



Many fun interactions with them. They know how to roleplay and frag.

Good player overall.

wear a helmet



Good fighter and good rp. Will make a great WL member.


The Council has voted, and determined that your application is to be accepted. Your Discord and in-game permissions should be set soon. Welcome to the Whitelist!

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